Here’s What All Your Favorite Celebrities Were Up to This Weekend

Rachel Krause

Happy Monday! Now presenting: an only slightly voyeuristic look at what your favorite celebrities were up to this weekend. While we were cleaning our kitchens and walking the dog, Lady Gaga killed the red lipstick game while making lasagna, and Amanda Seyfried showed off her shocking new haircut. Fortunately for us, they were willing to share it all on Instagram. Check it out—and come back next week to see even more of your faves getting their weekend on.

Kate Hudson got the glam squad treatment on-set alongside her movie daughter Stella Mallen, who will star alongside Kate in “Deepwater Horizon.”

A girl after our own hearts, Jessica Alba lounged poolside in PJs while her kids took a swim.

Just a day in the life of Rihanna! The pop superstar basked in what we assume to be the Barbardian sun, and looked pretty amazing while doing it.

Kelly Osbourne‘s skin looked flawless behind the scenes on the set of “Project Runway Junior.”

January Jones hilariously acknowledged her inclusion in the New York Times “RBF” trend piece.

Leave it to Lady Gaga to wear a bold red lip and flawlessly groomed brows while cooking lasagna.

Diane Kruger looks how we feel on a Monday morning, except much better.

Apparently Bar Refaeli is just as big of a fan of eos shaving cream as we are.

We finally scored a peek at Amanda Seyfried‘s new shoulder-length chop—and her dad’s birthday party.

Blake Lively participated in a Barcelonian tomato festival, and declared that she has finally become Italian food, which is all we’ve ever really wanted with our lives.

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