Try This Squat-Free Workout for Your Best Butt Ever

Victoria Moorhouse
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When it comes to getting your butt in shape, you don’t have to be reliant on endless sets of squats. There’s no doubting their effectiveness, but if you think the move sounds like an actual form of torture, there are some squat-free workout alternatives that will help you get your best booty ever.

You read right: Pop Physique founder and former professional dancer Jennifer Williams created an incredible squat-free workout just for us. We’ve tried it, and we can tell you that this is THE best butt workout of all time.

All the moves in this workout series will take place while you’re laying on your stomach. After you’ve completed all the variations on the right leg, repeat on the left.

Set It Up
1. If you’re working out on a hard surface, roll your mat to create a thick fold.
2. Lie flat on your front side with your hips lining up to the fold you created.
3. Prop yourself on your elbows so they’re lined with the shoulders. Your pinkies should be pressed into the floor, thumbs up and chest off of the floor.
4. Tuck your pelvis and move any arch from the lower back. Squeeze your glutes.
5. Pull your abs in with an exhale. Williams says you should be pulling in your abs the whole time, while keeping a deep pelvic tuck and “squeeze of the seat.”

Isometric Lifts
Press your lift leg into the floor. Float your right leg off the ground (Williams says it should barely get off the floor) keeping your toes pointed and your leg straight.
Lift it in a tiny “up and up and up” motions 16 times.

Isometric Squeezes and Presses
Squeeze your right leg in towards the mid-line—Williams again says it won’t go far.
Feel your inner thigh activate and squeeze 16 times.
Next, press your right leg out to the right diagonal and press 16 times.

Bend Stretches
Point your toes and lengthen your leg as straight as it will go.
Next, take a tiny micro-bend at your knee and then lengthen it. “The bend actually helps you get the leg straighter on the extension,” says Williams.
Perform the tiny bend-stretch movement slowly for six times.
Increase to a faster bend-stretch for 10 times.

Quick Stretch
Lay completely flat with your arms folded in front of you to stretch out.
Rock your hips side to side.

Repeat the moves on the left

Bonus Set
Bend your knees so the soles of your feet face the ceiling.
Bring your feet to a touch—or in first position with your feet flexed.
Press your heels up and up and squeeze your glutes. This should create a lifting movement. Do this for 10 reps.
Bring your feet to a point with the heels still touching. Creating the lifting movement for 10 more reps.

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