The Best Bright Lipstick Shades for Redheads

Victoria Moorhouse


The nude lip trend is a keeper, but if you have red hair, how about enhancing your look with a bolder lipstick shade that will complement your vibrant, envy-inducing hair? Whether it’s a crimson red or an eye-popping pink, bright lip colors look absolutely beautiful on redheads, and it’s a trend we’d like to see done more often. And that fear that red hair could clash with the rich pigment of a high impact lip color? It’s totally unfounded! Redheads own this look.

“Redheads are the lucky ones in my opinion as they can pull off the boldest makeup looks!” says makeup artist, manicurist, and butter LONDON Colour Ambassador, Katie Jane Hughes.

To get the look right, keep these expert tips, tricks, and color suggestions in mind.

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Go for Red
It’s a no-brainer, really. Red should be a go-to color for ladies with red hair. “Redheads look so good in red, as their skin tone allows the lipstick to be bold and beautiful,” says Hughes. She suggests a brick-like shade like NARS Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in Cruella. “The tones of the lip color complement the hair and look almost natural.” If you have dark red hair, Hughes says to try a shade like butter LONDON Moisture Matte Lipstick in Ladybird.

Stay Away From the Same Color of Your Hair
If you have red hair with rust-colored tints, you might want to stay away from the same in your lipstick. Hughes says that the best option is to incorporate contrast that will keep your look interesting.

Remember Your Undertones
This shouldn’t be too much of a problem for the redheads out there, but if you have pink undertones in your skin, a red lipstick with a pink tint might not be the best idea. “Only redheads with pink undertones really need to be careful. Red shades with even a touch of pink will clash with their complexion,” says Hughes.

Keep Eye Makeup Simple
So you’re a redhead going for a bright lip—now what to do with the eyes? While it’s likely you already practice this rule, try not to overdo it with too much eye makeup. “Keep it simple. A little lip balm on the lids to give them a bit of shine, or even just a touch of concealer for a super clean look,” explains Hughes.

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