20 Truly Spectacular Beauty Products Under $20

I’m very, very good at finding incredible things that aren’t expensive. I’m an unapologetic fast-fashion advocate, I can forage any cheesy mall store and emerge with a respectable outfit, and I understand the thrill of a particularly successful Marshall’s or TJ Maxx run. That skill also applies to beauty.

As much as I like the feeling of unboxing a beautifully-packaged Chanel lipstick or slathering on a ridiculously overpriced skin cream, I know for a fact there’s a cheaper version out there somewhere. It may not come in a gilded package, but it’s made with the same ingredients and does the exact same thing.

As somebody who spends an alarmingly large amount of time testing out (and compulsively hoarding) beauty products, browsing the aisles at both drugstores and Sephora, and posting reviews on MakeupAlley.com (hey, no judgment—we all need a hobby) I feel qualified—nay, compelled—to share with you $20 truly spectacular finds that all clock in at $20 or less.

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