The Best Beauty Products to Buy at Sephora for Under $30

The Best Beauty Products to Buy at Sephora for Under $30

Sephora is a dangerous, magical place. No matter what your intentions are when you first go in (“I just need dry shampoo!”), you inevitably will leave with your rent’s worth of beauty products in a bag. But, hey, at least you got more member rewards points, right? Egh.

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The thing is, we know you’re not going to stop going to Sephora anytime soon. And we also know that it’ll never stop being an addictive buffet of beauty products, so we figured we’d save you the hassle of figuring out what to buy (or not to buy, according to the voice of reason in your head that you haven’t listened to since you bought a bandana shirt in 2003) by rounding up the coolest and newest products coming to Sephora in November.

And, lucky for you, everything on this list under $30, so you won’t need to guiltily text your friends that you just spent waaaay too much at Sephora for the hundredth time this year. Click through to see our favorite liquid lip stains, mini fragrances, and shimmery eyeshadow palettes, and then check back here next month to see what’s new for December. Happy shopping!

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