50 Spectacular Beauty Moments from the Fall 2016 Runways: An Annotated List

And just like that, the Fall 2016 round of runway shows—Fashion Month, as it’s referred to—came and went, leaving a mound of ready-to-decipher themes from more than 1,000 shows in its wake.

The tangible fashion trends that emerged from the month—shiny PVC, Lurex, a shit-ton of ruffles among them—are easy to identify thanks to the fact that clothing design is often cyclical and derivative of what’s going on in the larger world. Nailing down beauty trends, on the other hand, is a trickier game to play.

It’s not that they don’t exist—remember the Great Orange Lipstick Takeover of Spring 2014?—but runway hair and makeup is typically treated as a complement to the clothing; an added-value touch that reflects the mood of the collection, which is much more permanent than a red lip or a side part.

That said, there were some singular hair, makeup, and nail moments during the fall shows that blew the collective mind of our two resident beauty obsessives, editorial director Perrie Samotin and beauty editor Rachel Krause.

So, instead of feverishly rounding up what we think will be big next fall on a macro level, we sifted through the shows and called out 50 hyper-specific looks that are worth seeing.

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