The New Classics: Beauty Books You Need on Your Shelves Now

Alle Connell

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Much as we love consulting the internet for all our beauty needs, there’s something about a gorgeous book about beauty displayed proudly that takes everything on our selves and coffee tables to another level. We all know the classic beauty books: Kevyn Aucoin, Bobbi Brown, Francois Nars. And in 2015, we added a whole bunch more to the canon, and we are all better off for it. Here are the best beauty books of 2015—trust us, you absolutely NEED these on your shelves.

face paint lisa eldridge

Photo via Abrams.

Face Paint: The Story of Makeup, Lisa Eldridge ($19, Amazon )

This book is straight-up fascinating. “Women have only been openly buying [cosmetics] for 100 years or so, but makeup has been around for practically all of human history—40,000 years!” Lisa told us when we talked to her prior to the launch. Face Paint explores the history of the art form and its role in women’s history throughout different cultures and eras, spotlights enduring beauty icons (breaking down what made their looks both unique and a reflection of their time) and makeup trailblazers, and features some of the most beautiful photography we’ve ever seen. If you love cosmetics or history, this book is required reading—not only will you feel inspired every time you open it, you might even gain a new perspective on your beauty routine. “You’ll never look at your makeup bag the same way again!” says Lisa. And she’s right.

the little book of skincare

Photo via Harper Collins.

The Little Book of Skin Care: Korean Beauty Secrets for Healthy, Glowing Skin, Charlotte Cho ($14, Amazon )

Charlotte Cho of SokoGlam knows skincare—not only does she run the premiere K-beauty site on the internet, she’s also a licensed esthetician who is truly passionate about helping women live their best lives…with their best skin, of course. A healthy mixture of beauty memoir and accessible, practical complexion advice, Charlotte tells it like it is with zero BS (and loads of adorable drawings). If you have questions about Korean skincare—up to and including the best places to go when in Seoul—you’ll find it right here. Absolutely essential reading.

beauty rewind taylor chang babaian

Photo via Perigee/Penguin Random House

Beauty Rewind, Taylor Chang-Babaian ($17, Amazon )

Let’s be real: we are none of us as young as we were, and consulting reference books aimed at teenagers can seem…strange. Enter Taylor, author of groundbreaking beauty classics like Asian Faces and Style Eyes, who brings us a real woman-approved guide to looking gorgeous at every age. This book touches on the basics—like how much foundation you need to use—but also gets into more advanced things, like how to apply eyeshadow at every age (and for every eye shape). This book spotlights amazing women of every age and across a variety of ethnicities, and focuses on the makeup that makes them look and feel their most radiant. Three cheers for inclusive, positive beauty!

your beauty mark dita von teese

Photo via Harper Collins.

Your Beauty Mark, Dita von Teese ($24, Amazon)

Dita is the undisputed queen of glamour—and she’s finally sharing all her secrets. A self-described “eccentric beauty,” Dita believes that makeup isn’t about covering up who you are now, but about creating who you want to be. Not only will you find lavishly shot, step-by-step hair and makeup tutorials, you’ll also find advice on finding a signature scent and interviews with other eccentric glamourpusses like Catherine Baba. Inspiring, illuminating and always creative, you’ll close this book feeling more sure than ever that beauty is an art.

timeless beauty christie brinkley

Photo via Grand Central Life & Style.

Timeless Beauty: Over 100 Tips, Secrets, and Shortcuts to Looking Great, Christie Brinkley ($19, Amazon )

Real talk: We’ve met Christie Brinkley, and she is one of the most gorgeous people we’ve ever seen up close—in addition to being warm, kind and incredibly candid. So if she’s sharing her beauty secrets in a book? Yeah, we’re buying it. Timeless Beauty is really comprehensive; part fitness and wellness manual, part memoir, part beauty and skincare guide (she’s especially into exfoliation), Christie breaks down what works for her—and how to find out what works for you, too. We especially love her sweet sense of humor; reading this book is like hanging out with a great friend who just happens to be a supermodel, and who really wants the best for you. We love this book, and we love Christie—definitely get your hands on this when it comes out on the 10th!

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