Ingredients for the Best Bath of Your Life

Rachel Krause

Photo: Getty Images

A long bath isn’t exactly a practical daily (or sometimes even weekly) occurrence for most of us, so we like to make the best of our soaks whenever we get the chance. For a super-pampering—one might say epicurean—experience, sometimes a tub full of warm water alone just won’t suffice. That’s when we turn to these three bath time stalwarts for an optimized sense of relaxation.

Candles for bath time are a no-brainer: Shutting off bright artificial lights in favor of a dim, flickering flame is one of the quickest ways to ease your mind and set the scene for relaxation. We love scented candles in particular for creating a luxurious ambience. Le Feu de L’Eau Le Feu Gris ($62, has a sweet, smoky fragrance and looks gorgeous in any bathroom.

Bath Bombs
We’ve been using bath bombs since we first discovered them in drugstores in the mid-90s, but LUSH Bath Bombs ($3.95-$12.95, take the colorful fizzy creations one step further with unique formulations that combine dreamy scents with skin-soothing oils. Try one in Twilight, which uses relaxing lavender and sweet tonka absolute.

Essential Oils
Adding a few drops of an essential oil into your bath will turn it into a soothing aromatherapeutic experience instantly. Each flower oil has different properties: For example, rose is uplifting and helps with anxiety and tension, while lavender is excellent for treating insomnia. If you don’t know which to choose or want to try them all before investing in a full-sized bottle, try a sampler set like the Mountain Rose Herbs Classic Essential Oil Kit ($32,

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