Best 7 Beauty Apps to Download Now

Amber Katz

From testing out plastic surgery procedures to finding the best deals on beauty products, our friends at StyleCaster have identified these 7 apps that do it all.

Cell phone applications have grown extremely popular in recent years, which makes sense — after all, everyone you see on the street (starting as early as age 7…) has a cell phone glued to their hands at all times. When you’re sitting in a waiting room, on the subway, or even crossing the street, these applications can provide ample entertainment to help us pass the time.

Some of these apps can also be quite handy — there are applications that rate products and prices to help you find the best deals, help you to try out new hair colors, or even show you how you’ll look after a plastic surgery procedure. Below we list our 8 favorite beauty applications to download now.

OPI Nails Studio 1.jpg

1. OPI

OPI’s iPhone app displays its latest colors (which you can try out on the model’s hand) before you go to the salon for your manicure. Long gone are the days of taking 20 minutes to choose your shade! 2.jpg

2. brings shopping for all of your products and beauty obsessions right to the palm of your hand. Plus the app is completely free to download — you’ll just blow all your money purchasing products you can buy in a couple of easy clicks!

Celebrity Makeup Looks 3.jpg

3. Celebrity Makeup Looks

This iPhone app supplies you with makeup tutorial videos with step-by-step instructions on how to get some of the hottest celeb looks. From Angelina Jolie, to Miley Cyrus, to Jasmine the Disney Princess, you can find almost every look here.

Sally's Salon 4.jpg

4. Sally’s Salon

Since we all have a weakness for games, Sally’s Salon is a fun way to find out if you could make it as a hairstylist. The app requires you (as Sally) to manage your own salon. You have to wash, dye, cut, and style customers’ hair and use what you earn to hire employees and upgrade the space. Find out if you have what it takes to become the next Orlando Pita!

Good Guide 5.jpg

5. Good Guide iPhone App

The Good Guide iPhone application lets you scan the barcode of a product that you’re interested in buying, and shows you its ratings for health, environment, and social responsibility. With so many health concerns out there, this is a great app for people who are trying to go green with their beauty products!

Beauty Tips 6.jpg

6. Beauty Tips

The Beauty Tip app app reminds us of those desk calendars of quotes that now come in every imaginable category and used to sit on our teachers’ desks in grade school. Finding out the quote of the day was such a highlight — ah, it’s the little things. Now, you can look up the beauty tip of the day with one quick download — or speed through and cheat (like we all did) and read multiple in one sitting.

iSurgeon 8.jpg

7. iSurgeon

Developed by a plastic surgeon, iSurgeon, takes the virtual makeover to a whole new level. It gives you the ability to upload an image of yourself and alter it to see what you’d look like post-plastic surgery. You can try tummy tucks, lip enhancements, breast augmentations, and many other procedures. Just don’t get addicted — the actual procedure is much more expensive than the app!

Contributed By: Rachel Adler

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