Beauty Recipe: Pairing Berry Lips and Bold Brows

Augusta Falletta
berry lipstick


For us, the best part of fall is hands down the darker, bolder beauty looks we get to wear. Whether it’s deep wine lipstick or a rich brunette hair color, cooler weather calls for a deeper color palette, and after a summer of corals and pinks, we welcome the berries and burgundies with open arms. Our fall uniform has become a pairing of bold brows and berry lipstick, and to help you get the look just right, we’ve broken it down — with a fun ombre lip twist! — below.

Brow Gel: Ladies who want darker, bolder brows, use a brow gel with a tint one or so shades lighter than your natural color, brushing through the brows with a spoolie brush to blend the colors and make the brows look natural. If you already have dark brows and you just need to keep those little hairs in place, opt for a clear brow gel instead.

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Wine Lipstick: This step is optional, but to get this ombre berry look above, apply wine lipstick to the outer corners of your mouth, coming in just a bit before the full part of your lip. For precision, use a lip brush to apply the wine lipstick.

Berry Lipstick: Clean off the lip brush, then apply a lighter, berry shade beginning at the center of your lips and moving outward. Once you get to the area just before the wine lipstick, begin to blend the berry color into the wine lipstick, making an ombre shading effect. Clean up any stray marks with a Q-tip and you’re set!