5 Summer Fruits With Amazing Beauty Benefits

Sable Yong
Getty Images / Azucena Morales

Getty Images / Azucena Morales

We love when our favorite tropical fruits come into season every summer for obvious reasons – they taste great and it means that once again, warm weather has arrived. Other than eating them however, we’re all about incorporating them into some DIY beauty rituals too. A lot of fruits have amazing skin and hair benefits if you know how to use them properly – from mango to pineapple, you can get the most out of your fruit cart this season.

Papaya is probably best known in a beauty context as an excellent fruit acid exfoliator. It’s super high in vitamin A, which helps your skin shed dead protein. Applying the pulp to your skin for a few minutes, you’re not only giving it a natural chemical exfoliator but it also helps brighten skin in the process, since those same exfoliant qualities attack hyperpigmentation as well.

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Here’s another fruit super-high in vitamin A and powerful antioxidants. Not only a great exfoliator, mango supports cell regeneration and elasticity in skin. The Vitamin C in mangos helps to “de-tan” your skin by addressing hyperpigmented areas. The acidity of this fruit is useful in combating blackheads and blemishes since chemical exfoliation helps get rid of debris clogging your pores.

Yes, avocados are fruits, not veggies. Categorical squabbles aside, they’re pretty well-known for their beauty benefits inside and out. Why? They’re so rich in good fats and vitamin E, that avocado mush is pretty much like nature’s heavy-duty skin moisturizer and nourishing hair mask in one. Include it in a hair mask for reducing frizz and imparting moisture into parched strands. You can also include it in face mask treatments for dull or lackluster skin. The moisture and fat boost your skin receives will plump the flush back into your skin. Don’t want to deal with the messy mush? You can use avocado oil too as an easier way to DIY your beauty treatments.

While excellent as cocktail garnish, pineapple contains so many vitamins and antioxidants, it’s a literal skin-brightening cocktail itself. The vitamin C in it makes it a key player in acne and dark spot treatments. The vitamin A in it will help reduce inflammation as a natural anti-bacterial and anti-fungal agent. The combo of the two make pineapple juice an excellent sun damage soother as well as anti-aging agent. Using fresh squeezed pineapple juice, you can make it into a toner. Just make sure to dilute it with distilled water until you know your skin can handle its natural acidity.

Kind of a no brainer, the virtues of coconut oil are well-known at this point. We covet coconut oil as our #1 all-natural humectant, moisturizing our skin and hair like no other treatment out there, pretty much. Other than oil, the “meat” itself as well as coconut water possess great anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties which actually make for a pretty great dandruff or itchy scalp treatment. Actually, those same properties are what makes coconut so great for any blemish treatment, since most blemishes like acne are often caused by bacterial infection. The other plus is that the mega-humectant qualities allow you to treat those blemishes without drying your skin out in the process. It’s a win-win. Coconut is key for sun-damage treatment, its antioxidants scattering free radicals that cause skin damage. If you’re not down with feeling like an oil slick, coconut water plays a great part in nourishing skin and hair. Put it in a spray bottle to make a great hydrating facial mist or toner, or throw it in your beach bag to spray your hair down before swimming to protect it from salt and chlorine.

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