7 Surprising Health Benefits of Sex

Natasha Burton
Photo: Getty

Photo: Getty

Sure, you canĀ get a glow from makeup and products, but there’s arguably no better way to achieve an aura of gorgeousness, naturally, than through sex. That said, a great romp won’t just give your cheeks some natural blush. There are also a lot of great health benefits of having sex. Here are eight reasons to get it on tonight.

1. It burns calories.
Sexologist Megan Stubbs, EdD, says that hitting the sheets, as opposed to the gym, is a win-win for exercise. Granted, a roll in the hay won’t burn quite as many calories as your kickboxing class, but having sex does give you a cardio boost and can deplete about 100-300 calories depending on your level of movement and intensity.

2. It diffuses pain.
During sex, your body releases oxytocin and endorphins, which certain studies have shown can raise your tolerance for pain. Stubbs notes that this includes PMS-induced discomfort: Orgasms can help ease tension in the uterus and release feel-good hormones that can block pain cause by cramps.

3. It helps you sleep.
An orgasm releases an amazing chemical cocktail of soothing hormones, which can be the perfect trick to help you doze off, says Stubbs.

4. It reduces anxiety.
Studies show that having sex can lower your body’s levels of the stress hormone cortisol, and even lower blood pressure, which has been long-associated with anxiety.

5. It improves your memory.
During sex, your dopamine levels heighten. Since dopamine is the hormone that improves your memory, researchers have suggested that getting busy can help boost your brain function.

6. It keeps you healthy.
According to one study, having sex a couple times a week strengthens your immunity levels. People who got it on once or twice a week had higher levels of cold and flu antibodies than those who didn’t, data showed. Testosterone released during sex can also give you more energy and strengthen your vital organs, to boot.

7. It makes you happy.
Each time you have sex with a partner, you’re building the connection you two have together and creating intimacy, Stubbs says. Being intimate with someone you are close with can help reduce your stress level and make you a happier person overall.