Benefit Finally Expanded This Fan Favorite With Shades for Darker Skin Tones

Benefit Finally Expanded This Fan Favorite With Shades for Darker Skin Tones
Photo: ImaxTree.

You asked and Benefit Cosmetics delivered. After expanding its Hoola bronzer to include the fairest of skin tones in 2017, the brand has finally launched two new Hoola shades catering to deeper skin tones. If you’re confused as to why this particular product is so iconic in makeup circles, or have no idea what we’re talking about, here’s a quick refresher.

Besides its award-winning Gimme Brow+ Volumizing Eyebrow Gel, Benefit Cosmetics’ Hoola Matte Bronzer ($30) is also in the upper echelon of best-selling products. What makes it such an enduring fave for makeup lovers isn’t some top-secret formula or celebrity co-sign. Instead, it’s a strictly matte finish that doesn’t leave behind any shine or shimmer. Instead, it goes onto the skin like a finishing powder, but still brightens your complexion without the extra bells and whistles. In short: it’s the best kind of complexion corrector for capturing those ‘no makeup’ makeup vibes, but still looking effortlessly glam.

Up until 2017, the product was only available in one light bronze shade. After that, the brand finally unleashed an option–“Hoola Lite”–for fairer skin tones. As expected, that didn’t go over too well with everyone since, well, not everyone has fair skin. Inclusivity continues to be a challenge for many brands and unfortunately, one of Benefit’s best-sellers was no exception. So you can imagine our relief after learning they had finally added two new shades into the mix.

The new colors Caramel (medium deep) and Toasted (deep) are just like the previously existing options. And if you need further assurance that this will compliment a wide range of deeper tones, the brand spent two years testing different colors before settling on these two. “We tested on medium-deep and deeper skin tones and a wide range of ethnicities to formulate these new shades to bring just the right amount of tan and warmth to the skin and look natural,” Julie Bell, Benefit’s EVP of Global Product Marketing and Innovation, told PopSugar.

The Caramel and Toasted tones might have been requested for bronzer, but Benefit plans on using the color in other products too, including a cheek palette later this year. For now, you can grab a Hoola bronzer on for $30.