How to Get a Free Wedding Dress From Benefit Cosmetics

How to Get a Free Wedding Dress From Benefit Cosmetics
Photo: Imaxtree

The words free and wedding dress very rarely show up in the same sentence. And if they do, the image that comes to mind is something between your great grandmother’s once-upon-a-time fashionable dress and something straight out of the garbage. However, none of that rings true this time.

Fan-favorite eyebrow company Benefit Cosmetics is partnering with Morilee by Madeline Gardner to give you a chance at a free wedding dress. Not any old wedding dress, either— one that’s worth up to $1,200. Now that you know you won’t get jipped, let’s get into the details.

All you have to do is fill out this form online, go to your local Benefit Boutique and receive a 5-10 minute complimentary Bridal Brow Mapping session. After that, they’ll enter you into the contest to win the dress. That’s literally it; no other gimmicks or hoops to jump through. The offer runs till August 31 and so you’re not waiting around forever, they’ll announce the winner on September 1. 

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Honestly, the hardest part of everything could be finding the closest Benefit Boutique. And if you end up not winning, at least you got a free eyebrow makeover. That’s what we call a win-win.