Here’s Your Chance to Become a Benefit Makeup Influencer

Here’s Your Chance to Become a Benefit Makeup Influencer
Photo: Shutterstock.

Two years ago, Benefit launched a worldwide search to find the next big beauty influencer. Last year Ivana Slobodianik from Miami, FL and her killer brows took home the $50,000 winning prize. Now the contest is back for round three. Benefit Brow Search 2019 if officially on and open to anyone who thinks they have the best eyebrow skills in the beauty game. The best part is you don’t need a big social media following or formal makeup training. You can be a complete newbie or an established blogger. You just have to be able to slay your brows in a variety of different ways.

Here’s how it works. To enter and have a chance at winning a $50k Benefit contract, simply recreate two out of four popular brow styles: contoured brows, feathered brows, natural brows, and straight brows. Next, post your looks to Instagram and tag @benefitcosmetics, #benefitbrows and #benefitbrowsearch between now and April 30. If you become a finalist, you’ll head to what Benefit is calling Arch Academy. This year the event is taking place in a literal castle: Oheka Castle in Long Island, NY. Remember it from Taylor Swift’s epic music video for ‘Blank Space’? A week there would be mind-blowing.

Benefit hasn’t announced who the judges will be this year but last year there were some huge names in the mix. Patrick Starr (above), Mariale, Nicol Concilio and Jasmine Brown all coached their teams à la The Voice meets America’s Next Top Model. 

I don’t know about you, but I’m happy to see Benefit’s brow challenge feature some more, dare I say, wearable brow trends. If there’s anything great about 2019 so far it’s that brows have returned to their normal shape. It seems we’ve taken a break from diamond-emblazoned brows, colorful ombré brows, and braided brows—and it’s about time.

For more information about how to enter, head over to Benefit’s website. I’m off to go practice my brow contouring skills.