Bella Thorne Unveiled Two New Tattoos This Weekend

Bella Thorne Unveiled Two New Tattoos This Weekend
Photo: Getty Images

Say what you want about Bella Thorne, but one thing’s for sure: The woman knows how to turn heads. Outside of starring on a hit TV show (“Famous In Love”), the 20-year-old has morphed into an unpredictable source of hair inspo, having dyed and styled her strands into more colors than we can keep up with.

She’s even extended her wild-child aesthetic into the world of body art with a handful of delicate designs spread from her collarbone down to her forearm. Now, less than a month after revealing intricate ink on her elbow, the redhead has taken to social media once again to premiere a new set of teeny tiny tattoos.

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First up is a colorful “I love You” etched just below her shoulder blade. In true Bella fashion, she showed it off with a topless photo on Instagram, writing, “New lil tat…guess what my other tat says it’s on my hip;)”

The second is placed just above her hip and spells out “Bite Me” in black ink, with the T and M written upside down. Fans discovered this one on her Snapchat page. Thorne has yet to explain the significance of either one, but she did tag rumored boyfriend Mod Sun in the Instagram photo. Fans have already speculated whether it’s his actual handwriting or simply a shoutout.

We’ll probably see another hair makeover or tattoo before we actually decode these two. Until then, try your best to keep up!