Bella Thorne Dyed Her Hair Neon Red With Sherbet Pink Highlights

Bella Thorne Dyed Her Hair Neon Red With Sherbet Pink Highlights
Photo: Getty Images

After three days of teasing us with throwbacks to her past hair colors, Bella Thorne finally debuted her new shade—and let us tell you: It. Is. Good.

Given that the 19-year-old actress is one of the biggest hair chameleons in Hollywood, having colors like highlighter-yellow, neon pink, and mermaid ombré under her belt, we had high expectations for her latest look. This time, Thorne didn’t choose just one color, she chose two, dyeing her hair neon red with sherbet pink highlights.

The “Famous in Love” star showed off her new shade in a series of Instagrams yesterday of her basking in the sun in a metallic bikini while letting her mermaid-length tresses fly free. According to Thorne’s Twitter, the shade took a whopping three days to do, so we don’t blame her for soaking in as much selfie fun with her newly dyed locks as she could. “Back to the old me,” Thorne captioned a shot.

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The caption is fitting considering Thorne has had both pink and red hair in the past. (Her most recent shade was neon pink. Her new—or should we say, old—color was also hinted to us with her three days of throwback in Instagrams. And while we were hoping that Thorne was going to recycle an old-but-still-slay-worthy hair color, we should’ve known she’d pull a fast one on us and dye her hair two.

Word to the wise: Pay more attention to Bella Thorne’s Instagram if you want to predict her hair changes.