Bella Thorne Says F*ck it to Winter, Dyes Hair Rainbow

Bella Thorne Says F*ck it to Winter, Dyes Hair Rainbow
Photo: Getty Images

While half of the country is currently under a winter-weather advisory for polar vortexes that are making even the strongest of women quiver in their blanket scarves, Bella Thorne is throwing up her middle finger to frigid Mother Nature and thinking of happier days—mainly in the form of sunny, rainbow-colored hair.

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Thorne took to Snapchat yesterday to record her hair makeover, playing at-home colorist with her sister, her friend, and a few bottles of Manic Panic, using a combo of tinfoil and paper towels to dye her ends pretty much every color of the rainbow. Of course, we can’t say we’re totally surprised, seeing as Thorne dyed her hair approximately a trillion times in 2016 (strawberry blonde, tangerine, straight-up red and green…), but we’re diggin’ the zero-fucks attitude she has that gave her the confidence to dye her hair at home in her kitchen. Reminds us of our high-school days (minus—most likely—the parents screaming about staining the bathroom sink).

With only two weeks left of 2016, we’re gonna go ahead and give Thorne the award for biggest beauty risk-taker of the year. Unless, of course, one of the Jenners shaves her head or something—THEN ALL BETS ARE OFF. Scroll down to see more photos of Thorne’s makeover!

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