Bella Thorne Celebrated Her Birthday by Getting New Icy Platinum Blonde Hair

Bella Thorne Celebrated Her Birthday by Getting New Icy Platinum Blonde Hair
Photo: Getty Images

Bella Thorne has dyed her hair every color under the sun, from highlighter pink to midnight blue to rainbow sherbet. So the only surprise is that the 20-year-old hasn’t yet colored her hair Hollywood’s most popular shade: icy, platinum blonde. Well, we’re pleased to announce that the “Famous in Love” actress has officially jumped on the blonde bandwagon.

To celebrate her 20th birthday on Monday, Thorne traded in her summery red hair for an icy-blonde hue so majestic, it could’ve come straight off Daenerys Targaryen’s head from “Game of Thrones.” The former Disney Channel star showed off her new ‘do in a celebratory birthday selfie, where she posed in the street with John Lennon-esque sunglasses and a leopard-print jacket draped over a fishnet mesh top. And though flash was on, it clearly wasn’t necessary, considering how blinding Thorne’s white-blonde hair looked as it cascaded down her back.

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In addition to wishing herself a happy birthday, the actress also hinted at her many hair changes in her Instagram caption. (She dyed her hair orangey-red less than two months ago). “Yes I changed my hair again and yes I’m fuxin 20!!!” she wrote. “Let’s go libras met so many people last night that had the same bday as me ❤️ it was awesome. Happy bday guys!!!”

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And though Thorne isn’t the only A-lister in Hollywood who has channeled the Khaleesi with platinum blonde hair, she’s always a queen of hair changes in our heart. Can’t wait to see who’s going to go full-on white next.