Dear Bella Thorne—Don’t Delete This Pic of Your Blue Highlights

Elizabeth Denton
Dear Bella Thorne—Don’t Delete This Pic of Your Blue Highlights
Photo: Shutterstock.

Hair trends vary widely from one decade to another. What feels new looks dated quickly if you don’t keep up—or go for a timeless style in the first place. Bella Thorne’s blue highlights prove everything old is new again. Just like the ’90s have been blowing up, early-2000s beauty and fashion trends are the next big things and feel fresh all over again. It helps that Thorne, being only 22 years old, was too young to rock the trends in the first place.

One of the biggest fans of the colorful highlights trend was Christina Aguilera. In the early-aughts, she played around with clip-in extensions in red, black and pink. Everyone wanted to steal her look and all the stores at the mall sold these clip-ins. Thorne was only a toddler then but her newest highlights give me total pop star vibes. Just like Aguilera, Thorne’s blue pieces start around her ears and are layered under her dark brown hair. Thorne did switch it up a bit though and add these bright blue highlights on the sides of her face for a pretty face-framing update.

“Should I delete this pic?” she asked on Instagram.

We don’t see why the actress would delete this gorgeous shot that features blue eyeshadow to match her hair. But if she does, she posted another photo a few days earlier that gives us another peek at the vibrant highlights.

Considering just three months ago Thorne tried green highlights, a look she called “abnormal changes to my hair,” we have a feeling the blue is just a fleeting look until she decides another color suits her more. Or maybe she’ll try Aguilera’s crimped ‘do?