Bella Thorne Washed Her Hair With This Drink to “Naturally Lighten” It

Bella Thorne Washed Her Hair With This Drink to “Naturally Lighten” It
Photo: Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic/Getty Images.

Famous in Love actress Bella Thorne is no stranger to controversy. All eyes are on the former Disney star as she posts topless photos, launches dupe-like beauty products and boycotts award shows. This week she has everyone talking about something a bit different: her hair. Thorne posted a video to Instagram on Monday in which her sister Dani is washing Thorne’s hair with beer. In the caption, she explains that she’s trying to lighten her hair for a new job.

“For everyone harassing yes it’s beer. It naturally lightens ur hair and people say it’s good for u 😍,” she wrote in the caption. “My next film my hair has to be hunny blonde, saving me a trip to the salon 💇 in my book I talk about the tips and tricks the ups and downs and the very low lows. Order the book right now and I might hand deliver u a case of beer 😍😏😵🤫 #thelifeofawannabemogul”

Although a beer wash might not sound very appealing, this DIY trick isn’t totally out-there and Thorne’s not the only one doing it. Catherine Zeta-Jones once said she conditions her hair with beer to keep it shiny and author Adina Grigore swears by beer as a cleansing conditioner for her own mane. Champagne-infused hair products are also touted for their ability to boost shine and nourish the scalp. Basically, if you like to drink it on a Friday night, it could be good for your strands.

Not only is beer sometimes used as shampoo, but it can also actually lighten your hair—at least it’s possible. (We were surprised to learn this too.) According to Liz Jung, colorist at Mèche Salon in Los Angeles, CA, it’s the pH level that’s key.

“Just like blondes use lemon to lift hair, you can use beer in the same way,” she explains. “Beer has an acidity level of around four and lemon is about a two.” She notes that apple cider vinegar is also acidic so it can lift the hair as well. But, Jung warns, it’s a risky hack and she doesn’t recommend it for dark blondes or brunettes. “It can turn your hair orange,” she says. “Leave it to the professionals to bring you lighter for summer for less brass and an overall even color.”

If you want to learn some other beauty tricks from Thorne, you can pre-order her book The Life of a Wannabe Mogul and it’ll ship out this June. Just maybe leave the beer trick to celebrities.