Bella Thorne’s Quick and Easy Technique for Covering Acne With Makeup

Bella Thorne’s Quick and Easy Technique for Covering Acne With Makeup
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Bella Thorne‘s beauty evolution is as unpredictable as it gets, but make no mistake: she actually knows a thing or two about makeup. The 20-year-old “Famous in Love” actress has never been afraid to offer her unabashed commentary on well, pretty much anything, so it’s hardly surprising when she responds to fan questions on Twitter. One of her most recent (and rather useful) encounters was with a woman who wanted to know how the actress applies her makeup.

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“I’m about to be 26 (on the 23rd) this month and suffer from acne. (And the scars) You totally get it what it feels like. I just want to know how you apply your makeup. I want to looks flawless on my birthday!,” she wrote.

What made this exchange noteworthy is the fact that Bella actually cops to dealing with acne like most humans. The obvious answer would be to slap on a concealer or foundation, but she did us all a favor by going beyond the most basic info to share a more detailed hack.

“I put a darker base first then a lighter one. Don’t swipe it on. Dot it in!!!,” she says. “It helps you can use green too for the redness + then base.”

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The red and green stuff she’s referring to are color correctors. In short: they’re tinted formulas that literally cancel out targeted skin concerns. For instance–and as noted by Bella–green ones diminish redness, while yellows can even out skin tone and peaches can diminish dark circles. You can use them alone, or in combination with one another, and wear under your coverage of choice (foundation, concealer, tinted moisturizer).

We have an entire breakdown of the best ones here, but remember that if you’re dealing with acne, what really matters is learning to be comfortable in your skin. Sometimes that means familiarizing yourself with coverage techniques like Thorne’s, or trying something completely different. Do whatever works for you and own it.