Bella Hadid Credits These Products With Keeping Her Skin Jet Lag-Proof

Bella Hadid Credits These Products With Keeping Her Skin Jet Lag-Proof
Photo: Dominique Charriau/WireImage.

Who better to dish advice for looking and feeling good through jet lag than a globe-trotting supermodel? Bella Hadid does just that and more as the star of Allure‘s September 2018 issue, where she can be found modeling a handful of vibrant lip color looks crafted by celebrity makeup artist Romy Soleimani.

“In the beginning, I would fly straight into work, and really not feel well and not know how to handle my jet lag — now I’ve kind of perfected the jet lag,” said the 21-year-old in an accompanying interview about her beauty routine.

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In addition to waxing poetic about her beauty muses (Cher and Monica Bellucci) and delving into how she gets ready for the red carpet, Hadid revealed that her approach to travel-specific skin care is all about “excessive moisturizing” since it can get pretty dry up in the air.

“I’m on a plane every other day, so just for my own health and my own skin, I always have moisturizer with me, a hyaluronic acid serum, and a night face mask because I love doing facials on the plane.” More often than not, her masks are coming straight from Korea, since “they have such amazing new innovations there that you can never find in America.”

And as an ambassador for Dior, she also keeps the brand’s Lip Maximizer and Dior Lip Glow on deck for her famous pout, which she rarely pains in red, a color that actually makes her “self-conscious.”

“There’s probably five times, maybe, you’ve seen me with a red lip,” she said. “I always stick to nudes and darker colors, but this shoot made me come out of my comfort zone a lot.” When she’s not in front of the camera, an overlined lip with gloss is her usual go-to.

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And because self-care is an inside-out job, Hadid also notes her love of mantras, crystals and good old fashioned phone calls with her loved ones.

“Usually, if I’m having a bad day I call my mom or I text one of my best friends, Ali, and she just hypes me up,” she said. “I think that’s really good to have your close friends around you, or just a phone call away, because I’m not around my friends a lot because of work. The people that I’m very close to help me a lot, it’s really nice to be able to rely on somebody like that.”