Bella Hadid Really Just Gave Away All of Her Beauty Secrets For Free, & Now a Disco Ball Face Roller Is In Our Carts

Summer Cartwright
Bella Hadid Really Just Gave Away All of Her Beauty Secrets For Free, & Now a Disco Ball Face Roller Is In Our Carts
Photo: Courtesy of Bella Hadid / TikTok.

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There comes a time in every adult’s life when they finally give in and go on an hours-long Google spree to try and find out how in the heck their fav celebrity has skin that looks so d*mn good. I’ve done this too many times to count with Hailey Bieber (who apparently is a huge Skinceuticals fan), but luckily her bestie and another major source of inspo, Bella Hadid, is making things a bit easier. The supermodel took to TikTok to show her 3.8 million followers what a day of prep before a photoshoot is really like, and she gave away so many beauty secrets, I could hardly believe it.

The biggest giveaway is what miss Hadid uses to keep her jawline looking so defined: a disco ball face roller. Seriously.

Bella Hadid Disco Ball Face Roller

Courtesy of Bella Hadid / TikTok.

Similar to the face-sculpting tool that Jennifer Aniston uses to ensure facial oils and serums absorb deep into her skin, the facial roller is used as a teammate for Bella’s skincare essentials. First, she dunks to the gadget into an ice bath (we’re assuming this is for de-puffing purposes, since ice is good for treating inflammation) and then applies a serum. Lastly, she rolls the sculpter along her jaw line, neck, forehead and under eyes. Notice how she only does so in an upward fashion—this prevents skin from drooping and gives it a stellar lifted effect.

Carat Ray Face

Courtesy of Re Face.

Carat Ray Face

I’m pretty certain she’s using this platinum-coated roller from ReFa because it’s super high-end and I only expect the best from Bella. See, while it looks like a normal face roller, the Carat Ray device uses microcurrents to soothe and de-puff skin. And while the disco ball shapes look funky, they’re actually designed with a lot of thought in mind. The multiple angles of these rollers allow for the tool to hit and target many different areas of your face all at once. This way, it pushes up your skin and penetrates much more efficiently.

What’s more, it’s charged up via a solar panel on the handle so that you don’t have to worry about cords or plugging this device in. Per the brand, the microcurrents help to “muscle tension, smooth the look of fine lines, and make skin glow healthy and radiant.” Uh, yeah. We’ll take three.

(FYI, if you don’t want a face roller with microcurrents and don’t want to spend $250 on a face roller, you can get a similar-shaped one at Amazon for $17.)

To get the best results, ReFa recommends rolling it along your eye line, cheekbone, decolletage and jawline. These areas will then look lifted and contoured, as if you got a professional spray tan done.

Along with this innovative anti-aging tool, Hadid clearly showed off one other product: Dior’s Lip Glow Oil. The cult-favorite lip essential is quite literally sold out everywhere in every color except at the brand site itself.

Dior Addict Lip Glow Oil

Courtesy of Dior.

Dior Addict Lip Glow Oil

The multipurpose lip product does everything you could possibly want it to: add sheen, provide moisture and plump your pout. Ideal for those who struggle with dry lips in the winter, the gloss is infused with cherry oil to deeply hydrate your pout in a non-greasy and non-sticky way. With it, you basically get the nourishment of a lip mask with the sexy shine of a gloss.

No wonder it’s so hard to find in stock.

All I have to say now is shoutout to all of the celebs like Bella who don’t make us work tirelessly to find out what their beauty secrets are—you’re giving us so much time back to waste on TikTok.