Bella Hadid Just Got Ass-Length Hair Extensions and We Can’t Stop Staring

Bella Hadid Just Got Ass-Length Hair Extensions and We Can’t Stop Staring
Photo: Getty Images

Were you starting to worry that we’d made it through a day without any major celebrity hair changes? We were too—because honestly, it wouldn’t really feel like a Monday (or any day, for that matter) if a celeb didn’t chop off her hair into a chin-grazing bob, or go from platinum-blonde to jet-black (what’s up, Kaia Gerber and Kaley Cuoco) in the span of 24 hours.

And just as we were contemplating filling our hair-change void with a pair of kitchen scissors and a selfie, we scrolled through our newsfeed and discovered that Bella Hadid just drastically changed up her hair. And nope, the 20-year-old model didn’t go shorter or darker: Hadid instead got insanely long, butt-length hair extensions, and we’re pretty damn into it.

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In a recent Instagram post, Hadid swapped out her new, chic-as-hell bob for super-duper-long extensions, twisted into two tight, Dutch braids. The photo, which shows Hadid wearing an all-white outfit and looking frustratingly cool, has already been flooded with comments of approval, like, as one user wrote, “Absolutely beautiful! You put the word Super in Super Model!” And, yeah—we kind of definitely agree.

Although the extensions are definitely new, the style of braids isn’t, as skinny Dutch braids and cornrow styles have been worn by women of color for centuries. And though Hadid thankfully didn’t commit the ultimate cultural-appropriation mistake and call her hairstyle “boxer braids” (which are not a thing, Kardashian clan), we still wish she would have given hair credit where hair credit is due. That being said, our beauty-obsessed selves are still really into Hadid’s switch up and now regret the recent trim we had last week. Sigh. Guess we’ll just have to distract ourselves with bets on how long Hadid’s new look will last—we’ve got $5 on 72 hours.