Bella Hadid Just Ditched Her Brand-New Bob for Insanely Long Extensions

Bella Hadid Just Ditched Her Brand-New Bob for Insanely Long Extensions
Photo: Getty Images

Remember when we lost our shit yesterday because Bella Hadid got a seriously short, chin-grazing chop? And considering how flattering and face-framing it was, we had a weird inclination that this haircut could maybe, just maybe, be *the one*. But apparently we were a little too naive, because in what may be the fastest celebrity hair change to date, Hadid has already ditched her bob for an insanely long, ass-length ponytail. Yup, her haircut didn’t even bother to stick around for breakfast.

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Less than 24 hours after we discovered Hadid’s crazy-short haircut, the 20-year-old Instagrammed a photo wearing a tightly slicked high ponytail that reached her hips. Danilo, the celebrity hairstylist who also transforms the heads of Lady Gaga and Katy Perry, is the mastermind behind Hadid’s extensions. And we gotta admit it: The extensions blend so seamlessly with her natural roots, that if we hadn’t known about Hadid’s bob, we’d probably be fooled.

But like any hair chameleon, this isn’t the first time Hadid has experimented with clip ins. The model showed up to the 2017 CFDA Awards wearing faux bangs, and just a few weeks ago, she debuted long-ass extensions twisted into two tight, Dutch braids. So, if we’ve learned anything today, it’s that Hadid can straight-up pull off any goddamn look, and that we’ll never catch feelings for her hair again (seriously, our beauty-loving hearts can’t take the torture). We’ll see what’s in the cards for Hadid’s hair this afternoon…maybe she’ll pull a Cara and shave her head?