Whoa: Bella Hadid Has Gone Back to Her Blonde Roots

Elizabeth Denton
Whoa: Bella Hadid Has Gone Back to Her Blonde Roots
Photo: Shutterstock.

Though it seems they’re always trying out a different vibe, sisters Bella and Gigi Hadid’s beauty looks are mostly laid-back and natural. This is common for models who have to switch it up on the runway or for events but keep it simple in real life. That’s why Bella Hadid’s dirty blonde hair change was so surprising. The model has rocked a dark-brown shade for a while now, either short or long, with or without bangs. But blonde is actually her natural color, as she revealed on Instagram.

“Back to dirty blonde, back to my roots! Per @mertalas wishes 💫” she wrote. She tagged Mert Alas, who you might think is her hairstylist but in reality, is a photographer and part of the iconic duo Mert and Marcus. He’s apparently the one who encouraged Hadid to ditch the brown. Although we love her darker hair, there is something eye-catching about the way her blue eyes pop against light hair. Plus her freckles stand out even more, as evidence in her bare-faced selfie. Hadid’s entire vibe is sunny and bright, partially because she’s “lit with the Turkish sun,” per Alas. The two are currently together in the region of Cappadocia.

You just have to take a quick scroll through Hadid’s Instagram to see her natural blonde hair. She posted an adorable throwback photo for her father’s birthday back in November. Aside from her trendy bob, Hadid’s hair is very similar to her childhood look.

It makes me wonder if we would all look amazing with the hair we had as kids. I personally have been blonde most of my adult life—even white blonde for close to a decade—and a few months ago tried being a brunette for the first time since middle school. I recently found a photo of me from third grade and my hair is exactly the same now—right down to the long bob and middle part. Part of that is the ’90s resurgence and the other is just finding what makes you look and feel most you, whether that’s rainbow hair or a much more natural shade from childhood.