Bella Hadid With Waist-Length Blonde Hair Is SUCH a Mood

Elizabeth Denton
Bella Hadid With Waist-Length Blonde Hair Is SUCH a Mood
Photo: AP Images.

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Isabella Khair Hadid, you did not have to go this hard! Hadid revealed some new photos from her upcoming Mugler campaign and film this week and in one, she traded in her usual long brown hair for a waist-length blonde ponytail. To be honest, it might be even longer than waist-length. We’re talking knee-length here. She looks incredible.

“Do these @indiana420bitch photos make you want to watch the new @muglerofficial film? 🎥 it’s a moooovieeeeeeee,” the supermodel wrote on Instagram, sharing behind-the-scenes pictures of the Paramount Studios set. She followed up the photos with even more stills from the movie, writing, “What bout these?” Yes, Bella. Yes, it does.

Hadid is in an all-black, cut-out, partially sheer top and mini skirt. Her makeup screams ’90s beauty trends with cool-toned eyeshadow and super-skinny brows. (Yes, they’re back and we’re pretending it’s not true.) Hadid even has the brown lip liner and frosty lipstick we Old Millenials loved in the late ’90s and early 2000s. Makeup artist Daniel Sallstrom is responsible for the glam and we’d say he killed it.

Now, let’s get to the hair. Hairstylist and wig expert Olivier Schawalder gave Hadid the longest blonde ponytail we’ve ever seen. He slicked back her hair in that supermodel way with not a hair is out of place. We love her natural brunette color but she pulls off blonde so well.

Now that you’ve seen all the sexy behind-the-scenes images from the Mugler film, head over to the brand’s Instagram to see Hadid in action. She’s modeling the Spring/Summer 2022 collection by Creative Director Casey Cadwallader. We expect to see some of these looks on the red carpet by Hadid and fellow Mugler muse Megan Thee Stallion. The rapper also has waist-length hair in her Mugler film, looking incredible. Who knew we’d get so much beauty inspo from a fashion campaign?

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