Bella Hadid Just Dyed Her Hair Blonde and Pink

Rachel Krause

Bella Hadid, like so very many before her, has been bitten by the pink hair bug. (Fortunately this one is not known to carry Zika.)

The 19-year-old model, cover girl, and all-around teen we’d like to be for a day shared a picture of herself to Instagram yesterday in which she showed off a very pretty, very pastel blonde-to-cotton-candy-pink ombré, as well as a flattering white bathrobe.

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Bella credited legendary stylist Sam McKnight, who’s worked with everyone from Kate Moss to Kristen Stewart, for the transformation. A wink to McKnight is a dead giveaway that the new look is indeed temporary—he’s considered the go-to wig guy in the biz, and given that Bella has previously remarked that she stays dark to help differentiate herself from big sis Gigi, a legit commitment to blonde probably isn’t in the cards.

What’s more, McKnight told Refinery29 that the look didn’t even make it into the final photos for the shoot they were working on. But, hey, it was fun while it lasted!

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