Jeans Too Tight? Blame Your Picky Eating Habits


Don’t scoff: Trying those oysters might make you lose weight (Getty Images)

Even the world’s biggest foodies likely have aversions to certain flavors—Julia Child famously hated cilantro, after all—but a recent study from Cornell University found that breaking out of your comfort zone when it comes to food may contribute to a lower BMI. Pass the caviar!

The study polled a group of 500 women across the U.S. and found that those with adventurous palate—neophiles, as the study calls them—had healthier weights, enjoyed cooking and hosting, were more active, and were more mindful about the general health of food than finicky eaters.

The study concluded that adventurous eating as an adult could help us both lose and maintain weight without feeling restricted.

Granted, expanding your palate is easier said than done—flavor preferences are super-personal—but it definitely pays to try things you know you don’t hate, but might not be familiar with, either.