What You Need to Know Before Hopping on the Beige Blonde Bandwagon

Caitlin S. Miller
julianne hough2 What You Need to Know Before Hopping on the Beige Blonde Bandwagon

Photo: Cindy Ord/Getty Images for Lord & Taylor

As any blonde knows, no two blondes are alike—when it comes to hair color, especially! From cool ashes to warm honey, there are just about as many shades of blonde as there are people who have the hair color! And the latest buzz in the blonde world is one we frankly didn’t see coming. Beige blonde, a hyper-specific group of the ash-blonde trend we saw a few years ago, has been popping up on celebs like Julianne Hough and Brie Larson and has been working its way into our color-happy hearts.

Turns out this trendy version of blonde isn’t quite for everyone. In particular, according to Miguel Angarita, Senior Colorist at mizu new york salon in New York City, it’s ideal for those who already have naturally light hair—think light browns or pale blondes. “Not to alienate anyone wanting the look, but when going to see a colorist, you need to ask for an ombre or sombre lighting process,” explains Angarita. This will help ensure you get the right color match for you.

And if you’re like many of us blondes who swear by lowlights, think again for this trend. According to Angarita, you should actually avoid lowlights when getting beige blonde. Instead ask your colorist to use your natural color to create contrast. “Ask for a wheat, champagne, or mother of pearl toner or glaze,” he says when hitting up the salon for this look the first time.

Lastly before you commit to the color switch, you’d be wise to also consider your skin tone and eye color when deciding upon a shade. Although the look is trendy, Angarita says it’s really best for those with soft pink, fair neutral, or cool skin tone. “Eye color plays a big role as well,” he says. “Green, blue, or hazel eye color gets best results!” And as always, print out pictures of your #hairgoals to show your colorist and listen to his or her suggestions. It is their job to know what colors work, after all!

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