Become A Queen Bee With Just A Bit Of Cream


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Every high school has its Regina George’s and Quinn Fabray’s, but being the “Queen Bee” isn’t all it’s cracked up to be as we’ve seen in just about every movie, tv show, and book (we’re looking at you, Massie Block) ever geared toward teenage girls. However, these super popular girls now have something in common that is pretty legit a new day cream that shares their title of “Queen Bee.” This product has anything you’d ever look for in a moisturizer, and all the cool girls (like you!) will definitely be into it. Besides the fact that this cream has SPF 15 to help prevent sunburns, it is also completely hypoallergenic and dermatologist approved! This awesome moisturizer is made of 90% natural products, including honey and beeswax, which make the product smell sweet and inspire the clever name. We’re definitely buzzing over it!

(Apivita Queen Bee Day Cream, $120, Patricia Field)