Redditors are Skeptical of Using Becca Highlighters on Eyes Due to Cryptic Company Message

Redditors are Skeptical of Using Becca Highlighters on Eyes Due to Cryptic Company Message
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If you didn’t know of Becca Cosmetics before—travesty, if not!—you’ve definitely heard of them since news broke of Chrissy Teigen‘s most recent collaboration with the brand: Endless Summer Glow body oil. But long before the all-over-body glow craze (thanks, Rihanna Body Lava), Becca was ahead of the game with their face glow, a.k.a highlighter.

Becca’s Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed Highlighter has been a fan-favorite since 2015, and they’ve consistently rolled out new-and-improved formulas, shades, and deals. With 10 shade options for a single beloved product, it’s easy to see why people have gotten obsessed with applying the highlighters not just on their cheekbones, but also on the eye area (lids, brow bones, under-eyes, you name it), cupid’s bow, and nose.

But before swiping the product on their eye area, a Redditor who goes by the name of @Berryception thought it wise to ask the company if the formula is indeed safe for use in the ultra-sensitive eye area. The response they got back from Becca is, to be honest, kinda funny, but also a bit concerning.

In a screenshot posted by @Berryception, The Becca Cosmetics Support employee responded: “You are more than welcome to use the highlighters as eyeshadow.” Score, right? Well, not so fast. They continued: “Please keep in mind they are not formulated for the eyes and we are not sure what reaction you may have.” So, uh, does that mean we shouldn’t use it there?

becca email Redditors are Skeptical of Using Becca Highlighters on Eyes Due to Cryptic Company Message

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Redditors have been parodying the company’s response with jokes like:

Dear Becca, can I use your highlighters as eyeshadows?


While there’s concern that the brand hasn’t tested highlighters on any part of the face besides cheeks, numerous customers are also pointing out that they directly market the highlighters to be used as eyeshadow. We did some digging on the brand’s Instagram and can’t find a full-blown tutorial on how to use the highlighters as eyeshadow. But we did find photos that look like the highlighter was used on the eyelids and near the eye.

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The most logical assumption is that Becca hasn’t done extensive testing on how safe the highlighter is to be used in the eye area, but know that the ingredients they use aren’t egregiously harmful or dangerous, which is why we’ve never heard of anyone getting a bad reaction from using it on their lids or tear ducts. Nevertheless, in a case like this, the company has to cover their butts, thus the cryptic and rather confusing answer.

So for now, maybe don’t dunk your eye in the shimmery pressed powders—as tempting as it might be to get that dewy glow.

StyleCaster has reached out to Becca Cosmetics for comment, and will update this post when we hear back.