Becca Cosmetics’ Bright Eyes Collection Promises to Hide Your Under Eye Circles

Becca Cosmetics’ Bright Eyes Collection Promises to Hide Your Under Eye Circles
Photo: ImaxTree

Dark under eye circles are almost impossible to avoid, which means we are always looking for a cream, gel or concealer to fake a full night’s sleep. Generally speaking, reducing the appearance of them requires time and consistent use of one product, but if there’s something that conceals and treats simultaneously, we need all of the deets, stat.

Becca Cosmetics may have just answered our prayers with its new “Bright Eyes” collection. We’ve got a small obsession with the brand’s shimmery highlighters, but this new lineup may just take their place. Here’s what you need to know about each product:

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First up is the Anti-Fatigue Under Eye Primer ($32). The balm is cooling to the touch, thanks to a powerful mix of both energizing and calming ingredients. There’s caffeine for reducing puffiness, matcha green tea for a healthier complexion and cucumber for soothing irritated or dry skin. The velvety texture should be applied before your makeup, as it creates an even canvas for concealer and foundation. It’ll also ensure that your makeup doesn’t crease or cake up after a few hours.

Once you’ve applied the primer, you can move onto the Under Eye Brightening Corrector ($32) that includes two new shades for brown beauties. The luminescent creme is infused with light-reflecting illuminators that’ll distract from dark circles and prevent your concealer from settling into fine lines.

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And finally, the Under Eye Brightening Setting Powder ($25) is a light-reflecting formula designed specifically for the area where dark circles form. Like the brightening corrector, topping your makeup off with this ensures that it won’t crease into fine lines and gather into clumps.

All in all, this is a trifecta of protection and treatment for making it look like you’ve had a good night’s sleep. Fake it ’til you make it!