Get Sexy with These Summer-Only Beauty Looks

Get Sexy with These Summer-Only Beauty Looks
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From Mischa’s floral head garland to neon-colored locks, a la Lady Gaga, there are certain beauty trends that we should only attempt to pull off in the summer months. Any other time of year and you’d probably be in danger of a serious beauty no-no, but as soon as the thermostat goes about 80 degrees, all the rules seem to go out the window. Click through for Daily Makeover‘s picks for 10 celeb beauty looks to emulate this summer.

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The Mermaid Braid: It's cool, Blake Lively, something about the summer makes us want to emulate our favorite Disney characters, too. We totally get where you're going with this Little Mermaid-esque side braid that you accessorized with a "thingamabob" from your treasure trove. Just remember that this hairstyle only works when we're all a little woozy from the summer heat.

Neon Nail Polish: On the heels of an '80s revival, neon nail polish first made a comeback in the summer of 2010. At the first hint of warmer weather this year, though, celebrities like AnnaLynne McCord were quick to jump back on the Day-Glo digits train.

Hair Thong: The hair thong--seen here on Vanessa Hudgens--has had quite the meteoric rise on Hollywood heads this summer. Also dubbed the "Princess Jasmine" by confused guys, this hair accessory is definitely one you want to retire after Labor Day. Unless, of course, you like Arabian Nights and "I can show you the world" Aladdin jokes.

Glitter: Looking like you just walked into a glitter tornado à la Ke$ha is never okay; however, come summertime, we grant you permission to play around with a little more eye glitz than you would in the colder months. Instead of a glitter face mask like Miss $, though, some gold eyeliner with small flecks of sparkle will totally stand out when you're on the dance floor this summer.

The "Heidi" Hairstyle": Glee star Heather Morris' hairstyle is dubbed the "Heidi" because it evokes the titular Swiss children's book character. While Morris looks cute and ready for summer fun in this braided updo, the hairstyle is sadly a little too childish and kitschy to translate into fall fashion.

Hats and Fascinators: Even though the Royal Wedding was in April, we still have fascinator fever. Wear this trend while it's hot, because the American obsession with silly yet fashionable hats won't last forever.

Bubblegum Pink Lipstick: It may be Nicki Minaj's signature lip color, but for the rest of us, bubblebum pink lipstick must sadly remain a halcyon summer memory. Flaunt this Pepto pink hue all you want through July and August, but come Labor Day, get ready to trade it in for a sensible fall red.

Flower Headbands: It may not be the Summer of Love, but you can still rock a headband made of flowers when the occasion calls for it (i.e. concerts, music festivals, a random Tuesday, etc.). Here, Mischa Barton demonstrates the right and wrong way to wear this summer trend. Learn from Barton's bungle: If you're doing a floral headband, go light on your makeup so as to avoid looking like a crazy parrot.

Buns and Bows: If you're feeling truly fun and flirty (or are fourteen), Bella Thorne's high bun and polka dot bow are definitely the way to go. We wouldn't recommend this hairstyle for work functions, though. Or anywhere else you'd need credibility as a mature adult.

Brightly Colored Locks: Lady Gaga's ever-changing hairstyles and hair colors are nothing new--in the past year alone she's sported blonde, lavender, turquoise and yellow locks. The singer is currently in a Blue Period (perhaps inspired by Picasso or the upcoming Smurfs movie) that has seen Gaga wearing her teal hair in long waves or a short bob. If you want to look fierce this summer, rainbow-colored hair is the way to go.

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