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Wonderland Beauty Parlor Founder, Michael Angelo, Shares His Hair Secrets

Wonderland Beauty Parlor Founder, Michael Angelo, Shares His Hair Secrets

StyleCaster: Who are your hairstyle icons?

Michael Angelo: Marilyn, Liz Taylor, Madonna, Brigitte Bardot, Linda Evangelista, Isabella Rossellini, Sophia Loren, Cindy Crawford, Daryl Hannah as Madison in Splash, Snow White, Drew Barrymore, Audrey Hepburn, Anna Piaggi, Elvis, James Dean — yeah, James Dean — especially for the ladies.

SC: What would you title your memoir?

MA: Since Running with Scissors is taken, and Im really just at the beginning of my life, Id have to take a pass.

SC: How do you combine art, beauty, and fashion in your everyday life?

MA: How do I not?? I walk past the galleries in West Chelsea where I live, into the Meatpacking District where I work, and I am overloaded by the best fashion and some incredible art. Then I walk into the beauty bonanza that is my Wonderland Beauty Parlor! Im so surrounded by art, beauty, and fashion every day that theres really no way to extricate myself from it!

SC: Craziest moment while doing hair backstage at a fashion show?

MA: So far, so good! I try and lead a calm, focused team into what can be a really chaotic environment. I understand its a real point of difference for our clients!

SC: Who is your favorite client to work with?

MA: The one who trusts me the most!

SC: What is your favorite hair product to use on clients?

MA: Right now? Shu Uemuras Tasai Cream. It gives great texture and hold without ever feeling stiff or sticky. My fianc swears that its magic!

SC: Do you wear product?

MA: Way too much — Im a product junkie! I start my hair with Tasai Cream, add Shape Paste, and finish with Krastase Double Force Ultimate Hold hairspray. Ive been using Korres Wild Rose firming and brightening serum to try to even out my pre-wedding skin. I love a Jil Sander taupe eyeliner at night and Jean Paul Gaultiers Le Beau Male bronzer if i feel blah, which gets spritzed with Manetti Roberts rose water so it doesnt look too powdery. I use Sampar Prodigal Pen if a blemish pops up — it usually does the trick. I am constantly asking Brazilian girls to bring me an eyedrop called Colirio Moura’s Brasil. It makes my eyes go huge and bright white. My fragrance is either Tsi-La Saqui, which is super warm and sensual and made by my friend Annie Morton or Le Labo Bergamote 22, which smells like a summer sunset at the beach…trust me.

SC: Who does your hair?

MA: Shameless plug… Gabriel H.S.E. at Michael Angelos Wonderland Beauty Parlor. Hes been cutting my hair for nearly ten years. Theres something really wonderful about working with someone who knows every strand (or lack-thereof) on your head.

SC: What is one thing all girls should know about hair?

MA: Just one? Your hair tells people so much about you. When youre looking for a stylist, make sure that the person you choose is asking you questions about YOU, not just about whose hair you like….

SC: If you didnt do hair, what would you be doing?

MA: Haha! I am doing those things now! It really takes dedication and careful iCalendaring, but i dedicate much of non-hair time to photography and design projects as well as supporting non-profit organizations like The Somaly Mam Foundation. I also love to cook — I just really hate cleaning the kitchen after.

SC: Where is your next travel destination?

MA: My fianc and I are planning our honeymoon to Italy.

SC: What books are you reading now?

MA: Vogue Italia, Allure, Numero, V…those are books, right?

SC: iPhone or BlackBerry?

MA: iPhone…Im an Apple fan from the word go! It’s a great way to keep my portfolios handy!

SC: What inspires you?

MA: Trail blazers. The beach and the boardwalk. Old buildings. Pin-ups. John Currin. Will Cotton. Paris. Rome. London. Rio. NEW YORK CITY.

SC: What’s the best advice you’ve ever received?

MA: If you come from a place of love and truth, you may not get what you expect, but what you do get will always serve you well. I had that tattooed inside my forearms so I wouldnt forget it!

SC: What is your favorite period in history for hair?

MA: I really love the golden years in Hollywood.

SC: What is your favorite movie?

MA: Impossible!

SC: What was the last song you listened to?

MA: Risn Murphys Mommas Place.

SC: What hairstylist/colorist do you look up to most?

MA: Orlando Pita is a master. Garren is a legend. Oribe is an icon.When I was in beauty school they were the people who I aspired to work like.

SC: Favorite hair trend?

MA: The pin-up/burlesque revival really was wonderful.

SC: Worst hair trend ever?

MA: Chunking. Those stripes were so ugly….and the name…positively awful.

SC: What do you predict the next hair trend will be?

MA: Im really loving that we are enjoying such a be yourself moment.It seems like the trend is to define yourself through beauty, as opposed to conforming to an it look.

SC: What is your favorite place to travel?

MA: Anywhere warm with a long history of art and culture. And good food — lots of it.

SC: Where do you see your company in ten years?

MA: I would love to see another Michael Angelos Wonderland Beauty Parlor in New York City and perhaps in Tokyo or London or Rio. Id like to develop an agency where we would represent our creative team. Id also like to see retail only outposts — studio stores where we could offer our carefully curated selection of art, beauty, and design goods to a broader audience.

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