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This Digital Women’s Health Clinic is Helping Women Get Free Birth Control

Get no-cost prescriptions through the end of the year.
Birth Control Pills

I remember the first time I picked up my birth control prescription. I was dating my first serious boyfriend at 17, and felt very grown-up, knowing I was taking care of my body, doing the adult, responsible thing. It was the start of a daily routine that became integral to my health and self-care. Now, millions of women’s access to affordable birth control (among other things) is being threatened by president-elect Trump. To help empower us at a moment when we’re feeling like our rights are about to be taken away—and at a time when we have a lot of questions—Maven, the digital health clinic for women, is offering free consultations with practitioners to get birth control pill prescriptions wherever you are, or to talk about the IUD options many women are now considering.

In a statement, Maven said: “In the face of what might be some changes to healthcare policy, we want to ensure that all women across America have free access to whatever kind of birth control they need—and free advice for questions around IUDs or other forms of contraception. Through December 31st, Maven will offer free access to birth control prescriptions and advice for all women. Women should be able to access birth control easily, and safely with the guidance of trained practitioner. We’re proud to be doing our part to serve women better.”

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What this means for you: If, like me and so many of my friends, you’re not sure where your birth control will stand after Trump’s inauguration in January, you have options, and people who can help you figure out your next move. If your pill prescription ran out and you can’t afford to go see your doctor to get a new one before the end of the year, maybe you should consider joining Maven. I know that I definitely need to talk to an expert about my options for an IUD—especially since my insurance doesn’t cover one—so I want to know whether I’m totally screwed, or whether there’s a way to get one that won’t cost me hundreds of dollars. In short, women need all the support and information we can get right now, particularly on the reproductive rights front, so thanks, Maven, for making that a little easier for the next several weeks.

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