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Grammy Recap: Who got it right and who didn’t

The Grammy's were last night! Hopefully you stopped pirating music off of LimeWire long enough to tune in. Some of the performances were worth mentioning. I thought Cold Play did a great job with J. Hova and there's something about those Jonas Brothers...

The Grammy’s were last night! Hopefully you stopped pirating music off of LimeWire long enough to tune in. Some of the performances were worth mentioning. I thought Cold Play did a great job with J. Hova and there’s something about those Jonas Brothers. Even though I find super tight, tapered pants paired with a purity ring somewhat disturbing, I happen to find the youngest Jonas kind of hot. (May lightening strike me dead.)

I don’t usually talk about my music choices, mainly because it’s too personal. You get one person who thinks your favorite song is unworthy of radio time and suddenly you’ve entered into a debate about music that you didn’t care to get into.

So I won’t be writing about the music. But I will be commenting on the highs and lows of the fashion for the evening.

I’ll start with Taylor Swift, mainly because I’m currently obsessed with her. Love Song can play on continuous loop and I still sing at the top of my lungs when it comes on the radio or my iPod.

I thought she was lovely and classy on the red carpet. You can’t go wrong with black!


I also loved her eye liner and hair. You can’t really tell from the picture below but if you caught her performance with Miz Miley you could see the perfect wings that her black eye liner created. I have been practicing with liquid liner to perfect those very wings for about twelve years now. I still can barely use a kohl pencil. Also, her hair was fabulous. Perfect soft waves artfully held in place by a thin headband. It probably took her stylist five hours to get her hair to look like that.



Now I know that Katy Perry’s red carpet choice was panned by pretty much everyone but I happened to like it! Maybe it was the texture of her dress, or the pale lip with the heavy eye. Or maybe it was because I’m so used to seeing her straddle a gigantic banana or prance around in hot pants. Either way I happened to think that Katy Perry looked lovely for the Grammys. Granted that growth on the front of her dress looked like a rogue dinner napkin gone AWOL but I thought the color was lovely and I especially liked the fit of the dress on her(fitted through the thigh and then flowed out).


Poor Paula Abdul. Will she ever make it on to anyone’s Best Dressed List? Maybe in Communist China. Straight up though I will say that I really liked the yellow color of this dress. I thought it complimented her skin very well and if she just chose an entirely new hair do’ and got rid of that Battle Star Gallactica shoulder pad then maybe she would’ve just ended up on the “OK” list.  


At least Paula’s dress fit her body. Leona Lewis got rave reviews for this number below but I’m not sure what everyone is smoking.


Her breasts look like they’re trying to escape a straight jacket. Her chest is way too big for this type of unsupported top. Reverse cleavage when you’re a busty girl should be out-lawed.

Now, here’s a girl who knows how to dress for her body. Sweet Adele. She’s got an amazing voice and she was rocking one of the boldest colors of the night.


Love the jacket.

Love the dress.

Love the tights and shoes.

Love the messy side pony tail

Plus she won a Grammy! A winner all around!

A few stray notes:

I couldn’t find a picture of Eve or Queen Latifah but I thought both of them looked amazing. Eve was rocking a new set of bangs and a merlot colored dress and QL looked great in her navy blue dress with fringe. Make. It. Work! And those earings?! Hearts all around.

In closing I’ll leave you with a picture of one of my best dressed picks of this blog, Katy Perry, along side Mommy to be M.I.A.

Did you catch the Rap Pack’s performance of “Swagger Like Us” with 9 months pregnant M.I.A. bouncing around the stage? You might have noticed that not one of the rappers went any where near her during the song. Either because her see-through polka dotted outfit was so disturbing or because they didn’t want to get embryotic fluid on their shoes. One day that kid is going to look at the video of his uber-pregnant mother on stage throwing up the deuces to Lil’ Wayne and hang his head in shame.


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