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Make Over Your Man!

Take your guy from Joe Schmoe to Hello! with these grooming tips from Dr. Amy Wechsler.
Make Over Your Man!

Did you know that great skin isn’t just the result of good genes? There are actually many factors, including lifestyle and stress that all add up to a glowing complexion. Dermatologist and guest editor Amy Wechsler has the scoop on how you can achieve the complexion of your dreams, no expensive treatments required. Board-certified in both dermatology and psychiatry, Dr. Wechsler treats the effects that state of mind and physical behaviors have on the skin. She is also the author of Mind-Beauty Connection: 9 Days to Reverse Stress Aging and Reveal More Youthful, Beautiful Skin. Follow her on Facebook and Twitter for more tips!

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Is your man in need of some major beauty maintenance? While she may not be able to turn him into gorgeous George Clooney here, Dr. Amy Wechsler can help you help him to look his best by tackling the three most common grooming issues men face: Razor burn, back hair and sweaty palms.

Razor Burn:
Razor burn is a common complaint–almost every man experiences razor burn at some point. It is the result of irritated hair follicles. You can see the redness within minutes or it can take up to several hours. Razor burn can happen frequently if he shaves too closely, too harshly, too quickly or on skin that’s not softened by warm water enough to endure the abrasion.

To treat a razor burn, I recommend an over-the-counter tube of hydrocortisone (0.5 to 1 percent strength). It should be applied to the affected area twice a day. I also recommend switching from regular shaving cream or gel to a hypoallergenic and fragrance-free variety (I like Clinique’s line of shaving products) and if applicable, from using a razor with three or more blades, to a two-blade razor.

To avoid razor burn, he should use good razors and change the blade at least once a week; shave after the skin has softened by warm water; use a shaving cream or gel; go slowly and don’t push into the skin or go over the same area twice. If razor burn is a persistent problem, he should consider laser treatment to thin the beard and slow re-growth, which results in fewer ingrown hairs.

Hairy Back:
Waxing is a temporary fix but if he’s looking for a permanent solution, laser hair removal is a great option. The treatment involves using laser light energy to penetrate the hair shaft, killing the hair follicle and preventing hair growth. Results depend on a person’s skin pigmentation and the color of their hair–it works best on light skin with dark hair as dark hair absorbs the laser energy, making it easier to treat. Once treatments are complete, he will be hairy no more.

Sweaty Palms:
I see so many men with this problem. You may be surprised to hear that Botox can actually be an incredible help when injected into the palms (it’s referred to as “Banker Botox”). Botox temporarily blocks the chemical signals from the nerves that stimulate the sweat glands. When the sweat glands don’t receive chemical signals the excessive sweating stops. He’ll be much more confident with the handshakes.

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