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Why You Should Work Out in Stilettos

Want sexy legs worth showing off? Work out in high heels — we dare you.
Why You Should Try the Stiletto Workout - Daily Makeover
woman in stilettos

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As summer comes to an end, I’ll be ditching the sandals and returning to the stilettos. After months of comfy shoes, it’ll be a hard transition. One way to get back in stiletto shape? Work out in them. I recently took the Stiletto Strength class at Crunch in Manhattan as part of a Goody event. (The brand was promoting two new hair accessories that are definitely worth checking out — Ouchless hair bands and Goody Athletique, coming to Target in September, that keeps hair stylish and in place while you work out.)

Let me tell you, if you want strong, sexy stems, working out in your stilettos is the way to go. To walk in stilettos, the three key body parts that need to be in tiptop shape are the legs, the core and the bum. The first half of this class is very similar to that of Pilates and barre — working the core and legs in muscle-lengthening and strengthening poses. Although you don’t strap on the heels until the end of the workout, the class incorporates a lot of barre poses — like squats and lunges on your toes — that are very similar to how your body is positioned when you’re essentially walking on your toes in heels.

But the last ten minutes is really where the fun starts. Our instructor invited us to strap on our pumps and “get sexy.” This included strutting down the “catwalk,” getting low like you would at “da club” and performing high kicks like the Rockettes. When I first agreed to the class, I was worried I’d twist an ankle working out in pumps. But three-fourths of the class is actually done barefoot, allowing your body complete control and balance to do the core exercises correctly. When you strap on the heels at the end of class, it’s really to celebrate your body and the confidence that the exercises bring with it.

Leaving class I felt inspired to strap on my heels. So what better way to celebrate than with a trip to see We’re the Millers with a little hand holding action? What could be sexier than that?

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