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16 Best Clean Beauty Products to Kickstart Your Natural Routine

Time to make the swap.

Y’all, the green beauty movement is on fire, and new clean beauty products are being pumped out on the regular. I, for one, am all for it.

See, after my skin broke out with a bout of random adult acne last year, I went on a crusade to do everything and anything possible to calm down the inflammation. After waking up with a particularly severe breakout, I picked up my phone and dialed my dermatologist for an emergency appointment. With the other hand, I started turning over my very expensive, very well-known brand-name makeup to read the ingredients—each was packed with a long list of random chemicals I couldn’t pronounce, let alone understand what they were.

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It was then that I started phasing out Chanel, MAC, and NARS from my makeup routine, replacing them with “clean” makeup brands that use entirely nontoxic and natural ingredients.

It’s been nearly a year now that I’ve been using mostly clean makeup, and my skin is virtually breakout-free, even after I phased out my dermatologist-prescribed medication. There are a few products and brands that I particularly love, and you can shop them in the gallery ahead. 

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Originally published May 2016. Updated April 2017.

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