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Take Some Beauty Advice from the French

Take Some Beauty Advice from the French

With Fashion Week in the air, saying you don’t like the French in New York City is like saying you prefer Payless over Louboutin; it’s just unheard of. In case you’re not convinced, here are a few reasons why you’re insane and France is hot: Louis Garrel, amazing cheese, a sexy sounding language, Chanel, stripey sailor-like tops… and did I mention Louis Garrel?

We can watch from afar and admire their put-together and effortless chicness, or we can sit down and take some serious notes. Put down that copy of “Why French Women Don’t Get Fat;” here are some of the best beauty products the French have to offer, that may lead you to having the magnetizing quality you can’t quite put your finger on. Because as Jane Birkin can attest, there’s no need to be French to capture their essence.

Make-up Forever
The first store opened its doors in Paris back in 1984 and was created to fill the gap in professional make-up for fashion and stage. If the pros are using it, then surely us mere regular people will benefit. Known for their enormous range in high quality foundation, everyone will be able to find the perfect match. After all, the art of French beauty involves creating the look of beauty you were born with, not purchased.


Annick Goutal Perfumes
There are records that go back to ancient civilizations of perfume use. But it was the French who first started manufacturing it 300 years ago. Since 1980 Annick Goutal has been perfecting the French art of perfumery by being guided with sophistication and high quality ingredients. With beautiful bottles and mind blowing scents that will sharply bring back memories or capture them, Annick Goutal perfumes are bold and oh, so French.

The makers of this luscious line of products have been deriving their secrets from a small French Provencal town of Manosque for the last 30 years. With a focus on well-being and the delight of self-care, women all over the world have had loyalty to their products because not only are they natural, but they work. My personal favorite is the Grape Anti-Retention Gel to minimize the visible of effects of water retention. Slather on some of this product before you get off your long haul flight and not only will you look less puffy and more toned, but you will smell great.

Diptyque candles
Not exactly a beauty product, but anything that this smells great, puts you in a good mood and lasts for what seems like forever is a beauty product in my eyes. Ever wonder why the French seem so composed and rarely nonplussed (hence slowing down the aging process), it’s because they are lighting Diptyque candles at home. On a serious note, Diptyque candles are pure indulgence. With fragrances that are clean, strong and classy, these candles burn clean to the bottom of the glass and seem to be a staple in any chic girl’s apartment. (Think Carrie in Sex and the City– you can see her burning them in a few eps.) Diptyque first-timers should check out the Baies candle scent.

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