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10 Tips To Lose Winter Weight from ‘Tone It Up’ Founders Karena and Katrina

10 tips from fitness experts Karena and Katrina!
10 Tips To Lose Weight from 'Tone It Up' Founders Karena and Katrina

Ah, January. The time of year when we all solemnly swear we’ll clean up our act by eating better (“no carbs EVER again!”) and working out every single day (at 6 a.m.!”) in order to combat the past month’s shameless overindulging. While goals of this nature are certainly healthy, they also can get overwhelming—not to mention unrealistic—without some semblance of a plan or a regimen.

That’s why we’ve enlisted fitness experts Katrina Hodgson and Karena Dawn—who’ve taken the web by storm with their website, and whose new Bravo reality show “Tone It Up” premieres tonight at 10:30—to offer 10 tips to lose winter weight right now.

Katrina and Karena.

1. Start 2014 with a “Booty Call”
Working out first thing in the morning sets the day right and boosts your metabolism all day long! You’ll never regret waking up and doing something for YOU.  You’ll be more consistent with your workouts and happy the rest of the day knowing you made time for you. We recommend waking up 30 minutes earlier than you planned.

Running or walking away from your house for 10 minutes and coming right back. Then squeeze in one of our toning routines right in your living room. You’ll end up exercising 3.5 more hours per week than if you skipped out.  Plus, getting your workout done and out of the way early in the day ensures nothing comes in between you and your fitness goals. Check out this video for more about your “Booty Call.”

2. Make a plan you can stick to
Keep it simple, as lifestyle changes take time and are gradual. Come up with a short-term plan that is achievable and definitive. If you are new to working out and eating healthy, start with just a couple simple goals and move forward from there. For example, commit to walking 4 days/week or running two miles and eliminating processed foods.  Once you have that down, add a new goal to the list.

 3.  Eat lean, lean and green to boost your metabolism
What you put in your body affects your mood, energy and overall health. Now that we’ve had some fun and enjoyed ourselves while celebrating the New Year, it’s time to get back on track with a nutritious meal plan. We recommend eating mostly raw, clean veggies, fresh fruits, lean protein and healthy fats. We love experimenting with raw foods and fresh herbs for flavor!  The new year is also the perfect time to jumpstart your nutrition with the 7 Day Slim Down from the Tone It Up Nutrition Plan.

 4. Get your PROTEIN! 
We all know we need protein for muscle repair, but we also need it to balance blood sugar levels, help with energy levels and to manage cravings! One of the biggest mistakes we see people make is not eating enough nutritious foods during the day and then getting super hungry at night. Having enough protein, especially with your breakfast, helps keep your cravings in check later on. We like adding Perfect Fit Protein to our smoothies or using it as flour substitute for healthy pancakes, breakfast cookies or muffins! It’s Certified Organic, gluten and dairy-free and vegan friendly.

 5. Drink Up!
Staying hydrated is absolutely essential. After all the traveling, tons of activity and possibly a few celebratory cocktails your body is dehydrated. It literally cannot function and this decreases your metabolism.  Bring a water bottle with you everywhere you go and sip on it throughout the day. Your body needs half its body weight in ounces daily—so if you weigh 150 pounds, get at least 75 ounces of water each day.  Drinking enough water will also help with spiraling cravings for sugary foods.  Try adding cucumber and mint or some fruit to your water for an extra refreshing taste.

6. Stay positive and be kind to yourself.
First thing in the morning always take a few moments to give thanks, meditate and mentally prepare for your day.  Remind yourself each morning that you can make things happen; you can make the best choices for your life and your body. If you slip up or make less than ideal choices, don’t beat yourself up. Move on and get back on track. Being ‘off’ makes you appreciate being ‘on’.  We all need it sometimes! Also, any time you catch yourself thinking negative thoughts, stop and instead, say something that might make you blush! The more you practice these new thought patterns, the more you will love yourself naturally.

 7. Try something new.
Sometimes it’s hard to commit to a workout routine if you don’t enjoy it or you’re bored of the repetition.  Make exercise fun and adventurous!  That Zumba class was awesome at first, but now you’re ready for something new. Go for it! Find something new that gets you pumped. Try a Soul Cycle session, a Jumpboard class or a new workout from your Beach Babe DVD. There are thousands of classes and millions of trails out there to explore. Find one that gets you excited!

8. Reward yourself! 
Choose a reward for each milestone that you achieve.  You deserve it!  Have you been sticking to your new years goals for two weeks? Get a massage. Have you been staying away from processed foods for a month?  Go get those hot yoga pants you’ve been eyeing!  Rewarding yourself gives you something to look forward to and keeps you motivated.

9. Keep a food journal.
Writing down your meals in a journal every day goes a long way in helping you reach your healthy life goals. Research shows that people who keep a daily diary of their eating and exercise habits are more likely to be successful. They can shed up to twice as much unwanted weight as those who don’t take note of their actions. As well as keeping you focused, your journal will serve as a daily check-in so you can see if your actions are in line with the goals you set for yourself.

 10. Sign up for the Tone It Up community! 
This is where you can make new friends and workout buddies, find out where your local Tone It Up meet-ups are and stay accountable with other TIU women.  Social media is a great way to stay connected and motivated. Check in with #TIUTeam members on InstagramTwitterFacebook & on the Community.

 Share, Love, Inspire, Sweat!


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