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‘Queer Eye’ Star JVN Is Helping SmileDirectClub Spread Confidence: ‘All Smiles Are Beautiful’

Can you believe?!
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There’s one person in this world who I know can put a smile on my face no matter how down I am: Jonathan Van Ness. The Queer Eye star is like a life coach, cheerleader, best friend and hair expert all in one, and watching them on my screen or listening to their podcast always cheers me up and brings back my self-esteem. So, I wasn’t shocked to find that JVN’s latest venture involved spreading confidence to as many people as possible.

The podcast host and tv star teamed up with SmileDirectClub to help spread the word about the brand’s aligners and what these straighteners can mean for confidence.

“All smiles are beautiful and all smiles are worth celebrating, no matter what they look like,” JVN told STYLECASTER. “Acceptance and love and compassion for ourselves is really important.”

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Sometimes, that self-love and self-esteem building can come through pursuing a change that’s been on your mind for a while, JVN explained.

“I’m a very confident person. I love myself and I love the way that I look. It’s not about needing to change the way that I look,” they said of their decision to get a SmileDirectClub subscription. “However, having gone through braces for years and having to watch that tooth revert is irritating me. I feel beautiful, I feel like I look great, but it was bothering me. Any time there’s something bothering us if we want to change it, even just the act of following through with an intention that we set, is confidence-building.”

JVN SmileDirectClub
Courtesy of SmileDirectClub.

Braces and Invisalign typically cost anywhere between $3,000 and $10,000, and SmileDirectClub aligners usually fall under $2,000, according to the website. The price equates to roughly $89 a month. This savings is part of what makes JVN so excited about the brand.

“Through Queer Eye, I’ve gotten to see the power that a smile brings. Not too long ago, all of the other [alignment] options were out of my possibility, I wouldn’t have been able to afford it,” they said, noting that with SmileDirectClub, they could be ale to. “I love that people can afford it.”

Unlike going to the orthodontist for other aligner options, with SmileDirectClub, you get the straighteners sent to you. To begin the process, all you have to do is complete an Impression Kit or in-office scan (if you would rather start with something in-person). Then, you can meet virtually with experts and devise a plan from there. A full box of aligners will arrive at your doorstep and you’re off to the races. It’s as simple as that.

JVN says an act like changing the way your teeth look should be done for yourself, rather than the approval of others. If your smile is bothering you and effecting your confidence, then setting a goal and putting in the work to fix that can make you feel better internally, which is most important.

“We are all beautiful and we are all worthy of love and celebrating ourselves,” they said.”If there is something that we want to shift or a perspective that we want to change, reaching out and seeking that information and making the choice to follow through with something builds confidence. That’s the confidence aspect that I want to work on. It’s less about other people’s approval and it’s more about us working on our own respect, and respecting and loving ourselves.”

Now, JVN got involved for the aligners, but stayed in contact with the brand in part due to their stellar oral care collection, they sad.

“The accessories are really chic and they work really well,” they said. “I’m just saying.”

Fast-dissolving Whitening Strips
Courtesy of SmileDirectClub.

Fast-dissolving Whitening Strips

You’ll no longer have to set a timer and peel off a sticky and gooey whitening strip when you opt for these fast-dissolving ones. They disappear after 15-20 minutes on their own. It’s a safe and efficient way for people always moving to brighten their teeth without having to jump through any extra hoops.

Water Flosser
Courtesy of SmileDirectClub.

Water Flosser

This JVN-approved water flosser allows you to get down and dirty into your teeth and gum lines without having to stick your hands in your mouth. It’s ideal for those who can’t stand floss.

Electric Toothbrush
Courtesy of SmileDirectClub.

Electric Toothbrush

No, you’re not dreaming. This top-rated electric toothbrush is just $19, and reviewers say it’s worth every penny (and then some). “Quiet, gentle, effective, leaves my teeth feeling great,” wrote one user. “Better than any other I’ve had.”

Now, everybody has those days that having the most perfect of smiles can’t fix. For those, take a note out of JVN’s playbook: “We are subjected to so many outside voices, so when I notice that I am feeling down on myself or lacking in confidence, I try to remember that’s also my humanity and to be gentle and compassionate with myself. Nobody is going to wake up and feel incredible every single day, but I do think that in that place of acceptance, you get to the other side. You can think, ‘Oh my gosh, I am a baddie'”

Like I said, JVN is like a life coach, cheerleader, best friend, hair connoisseur—and now aligner guru—all in one.

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