50 Beauty YouTube Vloggers You Should Subscribe To

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50 Beauty YouTube Vloggers You Should Subscribe To
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Walk into any room wearing a bright red lipstick, and you’re just about guaranteed to be approached by the other women in the room (friend or stranger) asking which shade you’re wearing, your tricks for applying, how long it lasts, and a slew of other questions. This conversation will likely morph into one that leaves no makeup stone unturned, and the logical next discussion will be about your hair. Before you know it, you’re talking about beauty and forming bonds with the women around you, sharing tips and learning tricks that you’ll take with you forever — or at least to the makeup counter.

Women have formed friendships, magazines, and even blogs all in the name of beauty, and the latest iteration of this is the beauty YouTube vloggers who dominate the Internet. Thousands of women take to the social video platform to create hair and makeup tutorials, reviews, and more, and countless more women click to watch, hoping to soak up just a bit of beauty knowledge as the view count rises. From product reviews to step-by-step instructions for certain looks, YouTube has become inundated with beauty vloggers and thus, has become one of the best resources for the beauty obsessed and beauty beginners alike.

The only downside? Now that the number of beauty channels on the video site has grown too high to count, it can be a little overwhelming. Typing “hair chalk” in the search bar of YouTube brings up over 37,000 results. Doing the same for “cat eye” gives you over 505,000 results. Sifting through such a high video count for one that’s worthwhile can be daunting, at the very least, which is why we’ve done the dirty work for you.

Here, we’ve put together a guide to the 50 best beauty YouTube vloggers. Bookmark, share, and learn with this compendium. Whether you’re a beauty video fiend or your views have been limited to the ones shared on your Facebook timeline, get ready for a seriously fun education in all things hair, makeup, skin, and nails. You’re bound to click replay.

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Your complete guide to the best beauty vloggers on YouTube! 

YouTube: DiamondsandHeels14

If you aren't familiar with Cassandra Bankson from YouTube, you may know her from the newest Dermablend advertisements where she tells her story about being a model with acne. Cassandra is fun and inspiring, and her videos cover a range of topics from how to do your eyebrows to five minute curl tutorials. For a closer look at her amazing story, read our interview with Cassandra (and get ready to feel empowered). 

YouTube: AndreasChoice

With 2.5 million subscribers and a knack for not taking herself too seriously on camera, Andrea's videos have had a strong following for years and she goes over everything from DIY hair growth treatments to Halloween makeup tutorials. 

YouTube: Carli Bybel

From inner beauty and motivation to fitness and hair and makeup tutorials, Carli of Beauty Bybel leaves no stone unturned with her videos. Whether it's celebrity inspired looks or the season's latest trends, she's got a video for that. 

YouTube: Charlotte Tilbury

Charlotte Tilbury has been a makeup artist for years, so she's well-versed in what women actually want and need when it comes to their beauty routines. Whether you're trying to cover up rosacea or you don't know how to quite nail the red lip and cat eye combination, Charlotte's videos will help you. 

YouTube: Amarixe

In depth, honest reviews on products plus easy to follow makeup tutorials with upbeat music to help set the mood make Amarixe a go-to vlogger. 

YouTube: BeautybyJJ

If you're obsessed with music video makeup and glam hairstyles, you need to subscribe to BeautybyJJ. Besides just getting the makeup tutorial for Beyonce's music videos, the how to is set to the music, so you'll feel like you're getting ready to go out with your girlfriends on a Friday night. 

YouTube: Chloe Morello

Whether you're headed to prom or you're dying to know how to really get the voluminous curls you see in hair commercials, this Australian vlogger has something you'll love. 

YouTube: JuicyStar07

Vlogger Blair Fowler has garnered 1.6 million subscribers and has been making hair and makeup videos for almost six years. With hair and makeup, DIY how to's, and even the occasional giveaway thrown in, this channel covers everything you'll ever want. 

YouTube: Bubzbeauty

All about girls finding their natural beauty where they feel most comfortable, it's no wonder Bubzbeauty has 2.6 million subscribers. On top of her hair and makeup videos, she also makes the occasional playlist round up, so we get hooked on the fun infusion. 

YouTube: Fashionista804

The ultimate cool girl who makes intricate makeup look like it's easy, Sophia of Fashionista804 is overflowing with personality that makes her videos so much fun to watch. 

YouTube: DizzyBrunette3

The vlog version of the DizzyBrunette3 blog, Corrie's YouTube channel brings her hair and makeup tutorials to life. From hauls to drugstore favorites and hair how to's, head over to her YouTube page. 

YouTube: Amelia Liana

Hauls, skin care chats, and complete reviews of all the makeup you're debating about buying, Amelia Liana's channel is a go-to when you want the 411 on the latest product launch. 

YouTube: A Model Recommends

Who better to give hair and makeup advice than a model who's been through it all? Fashion model Ruth Crilly gives her best product reviews and tips she's learned over the years in these videos that feel like you're sneaking backstage with the professionals. 

YouTube: Destiny Godley

Sure, her videos are amazing, but Destiny also takes viewers along as she goes to events the rest of us wouldn't have access to (like the Black Women in Hollywood event with Oprah and Lupita Nyong'o!). Watch her videos and you'll feel like you've got a new best friend — who can teach you how to flawlessly apply your makeup. 

YouTube: Elle Fowler

From homemade beauty treatments to videos teaching you how to organize your makeup collection, Elle's beauty videos are more than just the typical hair and makeup how to's (but don't worry, she's got those, too). 

YouTube: Essiebutton

Fun, down to earth, and hysterical (she hashtags #DaClip for putting her hair up in a clip during a video), Essiebutton makes you feel like you're sitting with an old friend for coffee. 

YouTube: From Head to Toe

From bridal makeup to tricks for looking better in photos, From Head to Toe really stays true to her vlog name. Click subscribe to see your favorite products in use, plus learn a few new skills along the way. 

YouTube: Gossmakeupartist

When you learn straight from an accomplished makeup artist, you know you're getting quality lessons. Gossmakeupartist teaches viewers both the basic tricks every girl needs and how to do the bolder, more popular kind of makeup. 

YouTube: ItsMyRayeRaye

For the girls gushing over bold lips and insanely voluminous hair, this vlogger is for you. Not for the faint of heart, ItsMyRayeRaye goes over the most daring beauty looks — and looks amazing in the process. 

YouTube: Makeup Geek

This channel is obviously mostly makeup, but every now and then Makeup Geek throws in a personal video that makes us love her even more. Get ready for a whole lot of product reviews and 1-minute tutorials.

YouTube: MakeupByAlli

You can't help but smile when you're watching MakeupByAlli's videos. Her upbeat mood is infectious, and her tutorials are easy to follow. Plus, because she's got medium length hair, get ready for a ton of tutorials on that length. 

YouTube: ItsJudyTime

Quite possibly our favorite section of ItsJudyTime's channel is the First Impression videos of trying products for the first time. Besides that, she's got a slew of quick hair tutorials and elaborate styles, making her page one of our favorites. 

YouTube: Kandee Johnson

With over two million subscribers, it's hard to deny Kandee Johnson's far ranging appeal. Each of her tutorial videos is dripping with happiness, so be prepared to have a huge smile on your face while learning how to do a new hair or makeup technique. 

YouTube: Jaclyn Hill

A professional makeup artist who makes you feel like you're her best friend, Jaclyn Hill's videos will teach you the ins and outs of smokey eyes, summer makeup looks, and classic red lips. 

YouTube: Miss Jessica Harlow

Miss Jessica Harlow's specialty is recreating famous looks at home, for everything from Jessica Rabbit to Miley Cyrus. If you have a pop culture look you're dying to try, chances are she's got a video you'll love. 

YouTube: Lauren Curtis

From massive lashes to loose curls, Lauren Curtis delivers everything a makeup tutorial should have for classic pin up looks and formal occasions. 

YouTube: MsRoshPosh

Packed with tutorials on how to get the boldest hair and makeup from Beyonce, Kim Kardashian, and Rihanna, MsRoshPosh knows exactly how to recreate the looks from your favorite celebs. 

YouTube: Lily Pebbles

Besides just having incredible hair and makeup videos, this vlogger also takes you behind the scenes to show you the behind the lens life of making beauty videos. Lily delivers new content every Tuesday, so make sure you stop by each week to get your dose of pretty. 

YouTube: Lilith Moon

This vlog is all about hair tutorials, so if you're crazy about learning new hairstyles, look no further than Lilith Moon. From braids to curling wands to formal updos, she covers everything. 

YouTube: Michelle Phan

With over 6 million subscribers and now her very own makeup line now sold on Amazon.com, Michelle Phan is the queen of YouTube Beauty Vloggers. If you haven't subscribed yet, what are you waiting for? 

YouTube: MaskCara

The YouTube counterpart to her wildly successful beauty blog, MaskCara is full of videos that are just as much fun as Cara's written content. As simple as the basic filling in of eyebrows and as complex as highlighting and contouring, Cara gives useful tips with a healthy dose of fun. 

YouTube: Missy Lynn

Besides being gorgeous and talented with hair and makeup, Missy Lynn is also currently an active duty member of the Air Force (she does these videos in her spare time!). Head over to her channel for tutorials that you'll want to bookmark. 

YouTube: MissGlamorazzi

We honestly can't decide which we love more: MissGlamorazzi's beauty videos, or her food recipe videos, but we're suckers for the tasty combination. 

YouTube: MissMaven

Watch MissMaven for only one minute and you'll instantly want to see more. Teni is knowledgeable and passionate about beauty, and she makes learning how to do bouncy curls or contouring even more fun than it already is. 

YouTube: Naptural85

If you've been searching for a solution for natural hair, Naptural85 is your answer. With natural, simple care for natural hair, plus DIY products and styling tutorials, we can't get enough of her channel. 

YouTube: Nicole Guerriero

Whether you're curious about dyeing your hair bold colors, DIY teeth whitening, or you're wondering what the hype is around the newest beauty products, Nicole Guerriero is a fantastic go-to option. You don't get over a million subscribers without being great! Plus, for an in-depth look at her channel, read our interview with Nicole here

YouTube: NikkieTutorials

Just when you think you can't pull off a vivid purple lipstick or a bright blue eyeshadow, Nikkie teaches you how to rock bold colors. If you're someone who wants to really have fun with colors, click subscribe. 

YouTube: Pixiwoo

The beauty team of Sam and Nic come together to create Pixiwoo, with so many video tutorials for celebrities that they're broken down alphebetically. All in all, these girls have every base covered. 

YouTube: Patricia Bright

A bevy of beauty videos plus a slew of fashion and lifestyle content, too, Patricia Bright covers everything from DIY skin care and drugstore hauls to styling short hair and how to create waves. 

YouTube: Sprinkleofglitter

We dare you to watch Sprinkleofglitter's videos and not have a smile on your face. For budget beauty tips, video interviews with guests, and plenty of product reviews, head over to her page. 

YouTube: Tanya Burr

If you're constantly trying to figure out how to recreate the looks of your favorite young celebrities like Lily Collins and Ariana Grande, Tanya Burr's videos will be your solution. Plus, she covers date night makeup, contouring, and even prom for makeup videos that will be bookmarked. 

YouTube: The RAEviewer

Just as her name suggests, Rae reviews all kinds of products in the luxury beauty space. Put your mind at ease while shopping for beauty as you learn which ones are worth the hype — and which you should skip. 

YouTube: Shirley B. Eniang

We're pretty fond of Shirley B. Eniang, mostly because she creates original looks for her videos instead of recreating looks we've seen before. Her fresh take on makeup makes us want to experiment and step outside of our comfort zone. 

YouTube: Zoella

With over 4 million subscribers, Zoella is one of the most popular beauty vloggers on YouTube, and it's easy to see why. Hair care, beauty hauls, and a whole bunch of product reviews make her channel one we frequent. 

YouTube: SunKissAlba

Curly haired girls, if you're not subscribed to SunKissAlba by now, you're missing out! Her channel is packed with styling and care tutorials for naturally curly hair, and she's proof positive that her techniques work. 

YouTube: ILikeWeylie

The self-proclaimed sister you never had, Weylie's videos are the perfect combination of beauty and humor. She unapologetically wears falsies every day, has a video of her boyfriend doing her makeup, and is simply herself while she teaches you how to be more comfortable with yourself. 

YouTube: Dulce Candy

A mixture of DIY beauty treatments, bright pops of colorful makeup, and fun product reviews, Dulce Candy has everything a beauty channel should have. 

YouTube: Lisa Eldridge

A professional makeup artist with years of experience in the business, Lisa Eldridge's YouTube channel offers an honest take on the beauty industry and the products she believes in. Whether you're searching for technique tutorial or you're looking for a few new products to try, head over to her channel.  

YouTube: Bethany Mota

With almost 6 million subscribers and hundreds of videos, Bethany Mota has just about everything you could wish for in terms of a beauty and fashion channel. From sock buns to waterproof makeup reviews to her newest clothing collection for Aeropostale, she's got something for everyone. 

YouTube: The Makeup Chair

The ultimate girl's girl, Sineady Cady covers beauty from five-step looks to how to wear extensions. Simple, gorgeous, and easy to follow, she's well worth your subscription. 

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