25 YouTube Beauty Vloggers You Need to Follow Immediately

Wendy Rodewald
25 YouTube Beauty Vloggers You Need to Follow Immediately
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Can we talk about the onslaught of bloggers and vloggers that have emerged over the past couple years? Don’t get us wrong, we’re totally grateful to have access to some much information and amazing hair and makeup tips—it’s just that the deluge of beauty vloggers makes it a bit hard for us to find the ones that are our internet soulmates. How the heck are we supposed to find the best tutorial for perfect eyeliner when we search “cat eye” and have to sift through 2.3 million videos of other people’s kittens?

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Don’t get stressed out with the dreaded search, just follow these YouTube beauty gurus and they’ll help you master everything from baking and strobing to the perfectly undone topknot.

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Prepare to have your makeup game stepped way up by 25 of the best of the best beauty vloggers out there.

Originally published April 2015. Updated October 2017.

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