Expert Beauty Tips & Anti-Aging Wisdom at the Barneys Beauty Bazaar

Emily Smith

This past Thursday, I had the pleasure of attending Barneys Beauty Bazaar Breakfast, hosted by Barneys New York and editor-in-chief of Harper’s Bazaar, Glenda Bailey.  Once everyone settled into their seats and enjoyed a bit of banter between Bailey and good friend Simon Doonan (don’t we all wish we could refer to Doonan as a good friend?), she introduced Bazaar’s Beauty Director, Alexandra Parnass. Parnass held an hour question and answer session with a panel of five beauty experts: each of who have their own exclusive line at Barneys. Among the panel of beauty connoisseurs was architect turned perfumer, Carlos Huber; sisters and dynamic duo, Liz and Rachel Edlich; skincare creator, Sunday Riley; and renowned makeup artist, Claudio Riaz.

The conversation started with advice from Carlos Huber, perfumer and founder of Arquiste. When referring to perfume he stated, “what you smell is almost as important as what you see and what you feel.” He decided to transform himself from an architect into a perfumer, during a life-changing trip to Venice. He wanted to capture that moment and remember it forever, so he put that inspiration into a bottle of perfume: “In fragrance, you connect with memory and experiences…you’re not just spraying for other people, you’re spraying for yourself.”

Next up was the lively Sunday Riley, who created her own line of cosmetics, and convinced the audience that her formula, Good Genes, has the power to anti-age women – and honestly, I had no idea that the women at this breakfast could look any better than they already did. Riley declared, “Anyone who said genetics doesn’t play a role in aging is lying.” She stressed that aging is both intrinsic and extrinsic, it’s partly what you’re given, and partly what you do yourself during your daily beauty regimen.

Parnass went on to ask Claudio Riaz what the biggest beauty mistake that women make is, to which he replied, “blend a little bit more, everyone.” With a snicker of the audience, Riaz stated, “they need the right tools…our brushes work with the contour of your face.”

The Edlich sisters (or as they refer to themselves “sisters on a mission”) introduced their line, Radical Skincare, which anti-ages users by formulating “antioxidants to stop radicals.” Their anti-aging potion uses chamomile and cucumber elements in order to soothe the skin. I must say, their products must work, because with families of their own, these women look not a day over 30!

The breakfast was brought to an end and the women at Barneys headed down to the newly renovated cosmetics floor to purchase all of the products mentioned at the Q&A session. If you ask me, you can forget Tiffany’s, Barneys is the place to be!

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