7 Must-Follow Reddit Threads for the Beauty-Obsessed

Amanda Williams
7 Must-Follow Reddit Threads for the Beauty-Obsessed
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Somewhere between the news and general-interest topics discussed among the more than 500 million users on Reddit, beauty lovers have found a hub to share their hair trends, skin-care tips, and other beauty obsessions. What used to feel like a well-kept secret is now how a lot—and I mean a lot—of us get a gargantuan amount of hair, makeup, and skin advice.

The only problem with becoming part of a global community is knowing that it’s nearly impossible to catch every single thing. And if you’re someone who loves sampling products and hacks, it feels as though you’re always missing out. Well, worry no more because we’ve gathered the biggest and best beauty-themed pages that deserve a bookmark on your browser. Keep reading to see which threads are getting the most traffic.

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SkincareAddiction users are not necessarily addicted to skin products, but they sure are confident in the products they recommend. Redditors come here to look for acne removers, pigmentation fixers, pore shrinkers, and everything skin-care-related under the sun, all in the name of healthy skin.


There are a number of subreddits that focus on hair, but 100,000 Redditors on FancyFollicles share their hair-loss, hair-growth, hair-change, or hair-health stories while giving insight into their journeys and about the products that followed them throughout those journeys.

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This subreddit offers more than just Korean beauty remedies. The community is diverse and open to sharing other Asian skin-care tips like J-beauty ideas on ways to obtain your most natural and healthy-looking skin from Japanese-skin-care lovers.


If you have ever signed up to receive a beauty subscription box every month, the users on this subreddit can definitely relate. Users not only post their worst and best beauty box deals, but they offer tips and suggestions on how to use, store, and preserve all those products you may have lying around or if you are considering a subscription.

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So what if you want to sell your beauty box or makeup that you don’t favor and will never use? Beauty exchange is where all the makeup trading, selling, and requesting takes place. Sounds sketchy? Not quite. Fortunately, the subreddit has a list of strict rules, including proof of identity, to make sure that requestors, buyers, and sellers are all legitimate.


Show off your kinks, curls, and waves of every length, height, and color. Fellow Redditors offer their peers assistance in obtaining and maintaining healthy natural hair. The thank-you posts on the threads say it all.

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Every nook and cranny of the makeup world lies on this subreddit page. What to buy and where to buy is not enough. Appliance advice, product reviews, and makeup techniques are posted by users in this makeup-loving community of more than 400,000 followers.