Beauty Talk With DJ Chelsea Leyland Backstage at DKNY

Kelli Acciardo

Kelli Acciardo

The scene backstage at DKNY is always pretty cool, as are the models. This season in particular was a mix of mega DJs, street style stars, quirky boho boys, and a melange of other downtown awesome kids meandering about, while getting touched up before taking the runway. Even the beauty looks reflected the artsy bunch—each gal (and guy) getting a totally different hair and makeup application, depending on their personal style. Red lips, blue braids, smokey eyes, and platinum pixies were everywhere, but there’s one pair of peepers we couldn’t help but obsess over and those belonged to Chelsea Leyland. Gunmetal gray looks good on Chelsea, so we camped out by the dressing area to chat with the “It Brit DJ” about all things style and music.

Beauty High: How are you feeling?? Excited to walk in the show?

Chelsea Leyland: I’m really nervous because I’m not a model and I’m walking in shoes that are seriously high.

BH: What else will you be wearing?

CL: I’m wearing what we call in England a jumper—I think you guys call it a sweatshirt—with no pants and then massive shoes and a cool coat.

BH: All the models are getting cool, individualized makeup looks—what are some of your must-have beauty products you can’t live without?

CL: Dr. Macrene cream. She’s my derm and it’s the best cream in the world. My skin can’t survive without it and the same for when I’m traveling and on an airplane. Also, rose water.

BH: We love watching your personal style evolve—how would you describe it?

CL: It’s ever-changing. Today I’m dressed downtown grungy, but then I’ll mix that with uptown chic. I mix a lot of designers and I’m always inspired by characters in movies. That’s how I like to get dressed every day; I like to channel them.

BH: Do you have a favorite?

CL: I love Jeanne from Last Tangle in Paris.



BH: What’s on your fashion week playlist?

CL: Nicolas Jaar, Darkside, Blood Orange, Drake, Beyoncé, (shout out to Chelsea’s “I woke up like this” sweatshirt) Todd Terje…

BH: And what’s the best party you’ve DJ’ed so far?

CL: The Vince party was pretty cool.