Beauty Street Style From Fashion Month: 20 Looks You Have to See

Perrie Samotin
Beauty Street Style From Fashion Month: 20 Looks You Have to See
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For street style fans, there’s nowhere else on earth that could trump Fashion Month, the twice-yearly spectacle where editors, bloggers, insiders, and trend-setters converge on New York, Paris, London, and Milan to see the latest designer collections, and show off their own sense of style.

Obviously, the month of shows—which wrapped yesterday in Paris—didn’t stop fashion folks from stepping out in some notice-me outfits, but most them paid just as much attention to their beauty looks.

While not as vibrant as they were in September—when things like orange lips and platinum blonde ruled the street style set—the various hair and makeup trends we spotted on showgoers hitting up the fall 2014 shows were an interesting mix of laid-back cool (messy-on-purpose waves, seemingly makeup-free skin) and seriously show-stopping hair that seemed to have taken its cues from a bag of Skittles.

Above, we compiled 20 completely eye-catching street style beauty snaps straight from Fashion Month! Click through and let us know: Which look is your favorite?

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Extra long hair done right: We're slightly envious of this girl's amazing blonde color and statement length. Extra points for a good red lip. 

Photo: vincenzo grillo

Glowing skin, red lips and a perfect side braid in London. 

Photo: Kirstin Sinclair/Getty Images

We're into this girl's two french braids and fuchsia lipstick. 

Photo: Vanni Bassetti/Getty Images

Yes she's a model, but that doesn't mean we're not wondering how flicks of lime-green eyeliner would look on us. 

Photo: Vanni Bassetti/Getty Images

Obviously, this woman is the epitome of cool with her blonde half-shave and deep red lips. 

Photo: Vanni Bassetti/Getty Images

Throughout the month, ombré made a clear comeback, both in obvious and subtle forms. This is an example of a more obvious gradation, and it works. 

On the flip side, here's an example of super subtle ombré with an ashy tone. 

Photo: Timur Emek/Getty Images

We love her perfectly straggly bedhead and dark eye makeup. 

Photo: vincenzo grillo

Purple ends in New York, which we adore. 

Photo: VincenzoGrillo

It wasn't only pale pink clothes that made a street style statement during Fashion Month—we spotted a surprisingly large amount of girls with various forms of pink hair, too. 

A statement-making bowl cut with an ever-so-slight pink cast in Paris. 

Strong brows, a hint of pink lipstick, and some very noticeable headwear.

She's making a very compelling case for green hair. 

Even a somewhat ordinary blunt bob can look edgy if it's pink! 

She proves that purple ends can look downright ladylike. 

Photo: VincenzoGrillo

Just a hint of pink on both her lips and her cheeks. 

Photo: vincenzo grillo

So cool: This girl's thick, rope-like braids are so chic. 

Suer matte red lips and matching nails in New York. 

Deep wine colored lips were all over the street style scene and on fall runways. Perhaps we have Lorde to thank for that? 

Photo: vincenzo grillo

A severe topknot in Milan.

Photo: vincenzo grillo

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